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  1. Why do January 6 deniers never last very long in Dungeons & dragon campaigns? They always fail their Constitution checks.
  2. What do you call that friend who will always seize the opportunity to run a Dungeons & Dragons game for your group? A Carpe D.M
  3. I recently came up with a pirate-themed tabletop RPG, but then the makers of Dungeons and Dragons found out. They sent me a seas-and-d6 letter.
  4. I am thinking about opening a dungeons and dragons themed vacation rental... I'm going to call it Air D&D
  5. This Zamboni operator skidded out of control into our Dungeons & Dragons meeting Why he be all slidin into my DMs
  6. In 'Dungeons and Dragons' because bards are musicians... Surely they can only use scale mail?
  7. I designed a dungeons and dragons weapon for wizards. It's a magical melee weapon shaped like a tome that uses intellect for damage instead of strength. I call it "Book Club"
  8. We were going to play Dungeons & Dragons on Monday, but decided to play the next day. THACO Tuesday
  9. The United States would be a very weak country in Dungeons & Dragons. They only have 1 Constitution.
  10. My wife was following a wizard on her phone I told her she should do a detect evil spell first. She told me I play to much dungeons and dragons.

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  1. Growing up we were so poor We had to play Dungeons OR Dragons.
  2. Why do interns make the best Dungeons and Dragons players? They do it for the Experience.
  3. Dungeons and Dragons is a lot like Bitcoin I know it's popular but I don't understand it
  4. Did you know Rihanna plays Dungeons and Dragons? She went 0-60 in 3.5
  5. What's a Dungeons and Dragons player's favorite rap group? D12
  6. When Homer Simpson plays Dungeons & Dragons... He uses a D'oh!-decahedron.
  7. What is the direct competitor for Dungeons and Dragons? Helmets and s**.... Tee hee.
  8. What's the other name for Game of Thrones? ( s**... ) Dungeons and Dragons

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A man and his wife are playing Dungeons and Dragons together...

During the man's turn, he rolls his D20 and rolls a 1. Simultaneously, he stubs his toe against the table leg so hard that his toe essentially falls off. Blood everywhere. The wife has to rush them both to the ER.
She's waiting.
She's waiting...
The doctor emerges, and the wife rushes over. "How is my husband? What's his condition?"
The doctor replies: "Critical, miss."

A Dungeons and Dragons Joke about the most fearsome of foes: Furniture

The barkeep asked why we carried weapons into his bar.
I said 'Mimics.'
The party laughed.
The barkeep laughed.
The table laughed.
We killed the table. Good times.

What do you call a kirby villain who sells c**..., and plays Dungeons & Dragons?

King Dedede the DD who plays D&D.

I was invited to go play Dungeons and Dragons. I was told i needed to pick a race and a class for my character

So I picked white and middle. Apparently that's not how its played, but I just think they know I'd win

Why did the dragon breathe fire in the house?

Because the lights were burnt out.
*My 3 year old son came up with this while I was playing dungeon and dragons*

What is the difference between a Dungeon Dragon and a Dragon?

One is imprisoned by Nicki Minaj!