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Top 10 Funniest Dungeon Jokes and Puns

How can you tell the difference between a nerd and someone with a BDSM fettish?

Ask them what a dungeon master is

A Demogorgon, a Dungeon Master and a Sherriff walk in to a bar.

My friend shouts "Wow! I've never seen anything like this. Isn't this amazing?!"

I replied "Nah, I've seen Stranger Things."

A Dungeons and Dragons Joke about the most fearsome of foes: Furniture

The barkeep asked why we carried weapons into his bar.

I said 'Mimics.'

The party laughed.

The barkeep laughed.

The table laughed.

We killed the table. Good times.

Dungeon joke, A Dungeons and Dragons Joke about the most fearsome of foes: Furniture

I'm going to buy my Dungeon Master a goldfish

So I can carp a DM

Dungeons and Dragons is a lot like Bitcoin

I know it's popular but I don't understand it

What do you say if you meet someone from Anonymous in an S&M club?

"Troll in the dungeon!"

What's a Dungeons and Dragons player's favorite rap group?


Dungeon joke, What's a Dungeons and Dragons player's favorite rap group?

What do you call the virgin Mary in a sex dungeon?

Miracle whip.

There are two things you need to do to be a dungeon master.

1. Roll with it.

2. Roll with it.

A board member with powers of administration suffering badly from the wind

and wearing an ironclad brassier, pushed her bosom into my face while role-playing in my dank and dirty dungeon.

That's right, a gusty trustee thrust her rusty bust in lusty musty dusty custody.

How did the dungeon keeper plan for retirement?

Collecting stocks and bonds.

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How do you get over a crush you've had since high school?

Leave the dungeon door unlocked.

Why did the dragon breathe fire in the house?

Because the lights were burnt out.

*My 3 year old son came up with this while I was playing dungeon and dragons*

Me and my neighbor got into a fight, so in church my pastor pulled me aside and reminded me to "Treat others like you want to be treated"

I took his advice and locked up my neighbor in my BDSM dungeon

Sex dungeon

You're bound to enjoy it ;-)

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