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What do you call a pile of frog dung?

Toad stools

What's brown and sounds like a bell?


Ethnographic expedition lost in the Sub-Saharan Africa

An Ethnographic expedition lost in the Sub-Saharan Africa. The head of expedition, a prominent Russian scientist, Artem Pizdobolov, have bad news and good news to tell his comrades. First the bad news, he said. We run out of food and water. There left only camel's dung. Tell us a good news fellow travelers asked in desperation. The good new is that we have that camel dung in abundance.

Dung joke, Ethnographic expedition lost in the Sub-Saharan Africa

"Getting real tired of your crap…"

Said no dung beetle ever.

The Vacuum Cleaner Salesman

A door to door vacuum salesman visits a house. When he proposes a deal the woman tells him to take a hike.

Without giving her a second chance the man empties a bucket of cow dung onto to carpet and says "If the vacuum cleaner doesn't suck all of this up then I will eat the rest myself"

The woman goes to the kitchen and returns with a bowl of sugar and throws it over the cow dung and says:
"Start eating so long, we don't have electricity on the farm"

What's a Dungeons and Dragons player's favorite rap group?


A dung beetle walks into a bar....

The bartender asks,"What's with the round faeces?"

Dung joke, A dung beetle walks into a bar....

I hate being used as a thesaurus.

A mate just asked another term for "monkey dung" and I went apeshit.

How did the dungeon keeper plan for retirement?

Collecting stocks and bonds.

I was reading an article about burning cow dung as a new source of energy...

I thought it was total bullshit.

A dung beetle walks into a bar.

He says, "Is this stool taken?"

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TIFU By Stepping Into Cow Dung

Now I have alternative facts all over me.

Heard they used to build houses out of cow dung in the old days

I think that's bullshit

What's the Chinese word for constipation?

Hung dung

When a dung beetle dies...

is it interred?

A dung beetle goes for fast food...

Orders a Number 2

Dung joke, A dung beetle goes for fast food...

A dungbeetle walks into a bar and asks the bartender...

"Is this stool taken?"

What do you call a Chinese company which sells manure on the open market?

Dung Xioping.

Dung Beetle

A dung beetle goes into a bar and asks, "Yo, is this stool taken?"

(Dad Joke) I saw a bit of dung on a Volkswagen the other day....

I thought to myself , "Man...that's some Beatle"

Saw a guy betting anyone $50 to see if he could fire a bullet into a pile of cow dung 30 yards away.

I thought to myself, that's kind of a crapshoot.

What do dung beatles like on their hotdogs?


A dung beetle walks into a bar

Is this stool taken?

Good pickup line.

Two male flies are buzzing around the farmyard when they spot a female fly landing on a fresh pile of cow dung.
The one fly says, "Wow, she is cute! I'm going to try to talk to her, wish me luck."
He swoops down, lands right next to her and says, "Excuse me Miss, is this stool taken?"

A dung beetle walks into a bar and asks,

'Is this stool taken?'

A dung beetle walks into a bar and asks the bartender...

Excuse me sir, is this stool taken?

Once a man, knocked on a door and an old lady opened the door. Without a word the man went in took a lot of cow dung from his bag and threw on the carpet. "You see , I have a wonder vaccum cleaner with me here, if this doesn't work I'll eat every piece of that dung" he said.

"Do you want tomato ketchup with it ? " The lady asked. "Cause you see, we still don't have electricity in this house"

A Dungeons and Dragons Joke about the most fearsome of foes: Furniture

The barkeep asked why we carried weapons into his bar.

I said 'Mimics.'

The party laughed.

The barkeep laughed.

The table laughed.

We killed the table. Good times.

Dungeons and Dragons is a lot like Bitcoin

I know it's popular but I don't understand it

A dung beetle goes into a bar...

He doesn't order a drink. He just takes a stool.

2 dung beetles meet

1st one asks; How's it going?
2nd replies; Same shit, different day.

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