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The Devon Farmer

A Devon farmer is out walking his land one evening and sees a smartly dressed man crouching down by a stream, about to take a drink.

"ERE, ee dun wanna be doin at - tis full o arse piss and cow shite" says the farmer in his broad west country accent.

"I'm terribly sorry but I've just moved down from London and bought that lovely cottage in the village which I plan to develop", replies the man. "You'll need to speak much slower, I've yet to get to grips with the lingo".

"Oh I'm sorry, if-you-use-two-hands-you-won't-spill-any" replied the farmer helpfully.


Do you think when Caitlyn Jenner tries to tell badass stories to her kids they see right through her?

Because she's transparent?

*ba dun tsk*


Day 30: I have done it! I built a time machine!

Day 29: I dun fucked up.


[Accountancy joke] What do you call a threesome between 2 male accountants and 1 female?

Double entry.

*Badum dun tssss*


two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff

dun dun chiii


What is more than 1 dun?



Who's your friend who likes to play?



British people have trouble making declarative statements...

Dun they?


What's the difference between khakis' and khakis ?

One you put on and the other starts your car.

*dundun dun*


Yo Mama so fat, she's suffering from Dunlap Syndrome..

Her chin dun lapped over her neck


Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff...

Ba dun tsshh


Another widely beloved man, accused of sexually assault.

Santa dun fucked up


So Italy just teamed up with Isis and their called.....

Italian ices....ba dum tisssss gtfo dun win


What do you call a spy that likes to spend time with his son?

James Bonding

bah dun tss


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