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What do Nascar and a Kinko's dumpster have in common?

They're both filled with w**....


What's the difference between dumpster diving and online dating?

One gets results you can live with.

The Darkest Joke

What's worse than a baby in a dumpster?

... A baby in two dumpsters.

You know what's worse than an infant in a dumpster?

An infant in two dumpsters.

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When i was little my parents couldn't afford to buy me Garbage Pail Kids.

So they made me a dumpster baby instead.

What's the definition of perfect pitch?

Throwing a banjo into a dumpster and hitting an accordion with it.

Vaccination awareness is rising

Last night I saw a young man vaccinate himself behind a dumpster

Dumpster joke, Vaccination awareness is rising

What do you call a s**... toaster?

A crumb dumpster

We wanted to bury our cat Ivy under our ivy

but it was too thick to get through so we renamed it dumpster instead.

what happens when you throw a rock at a dumpster

a cat comes out

What's the difference between Kathleen Wynne and a dumpster fire?

A dumpster fire produces affordable light and heat.

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I'm naming my next dog dumpster.

Come dumpster! Cmere boy!

What's worse than a baby in the dumpster?

A baby in 10 dumpsters.

What's the difference between a door that talks constantly and a p**... living in a dumpster?

Ones a wordy door the other is your mom

How many people does it take to fly a burning dumpster?

21 Pilots.

I saw a bunch of baby kittens by a dumpster...

Didn't anyone tell their mother not to litter?

Dumpster joke, I saw a bunch of baby kittens by a dumpster...

Bad artists excel at being trash

Good thing dumpster diving isn't a competition

Saw a homeless man going through a dumpster

Told him to leave my home

What is worse than a dead baby in a dumpster?

Just took a nap in the dumpster.

No hobo.

Thought I had written something clever until i started telling this one and no one got it.

I made a trip to the local dump yesterday and while I was there, I noticed that one of the employees was coughing and struggling to breathe, trying to heft a bag into a dumpster. So I went over to him and asked "excuse me sir, are you alright? Do you need a hand?" And he just replies "Nah I'm used to it, it's just miasma."

What's worse than a baby in a dumpster?

A baby in two dumpsters.

What's also worse than a baby in a dumpster? Paying alimony.

What is the difference between a dumpster fire and the 2016 presidential election?

A dumpster fire gets rid of garbage

Why was 6 afraid of 7?

That's still under investigation, but 6 turned up dead in a dumpster this morning, and 7 is the prime suspect.

[Racist] A black man taking out two garbage bags was walking to a dumpster...

A drunk guy asked him looking at the bags; How old are they?

Dumpster divers children are statistically most likely to be adopted

because one mans trash, is another one's treasure

Dumpster joke, Dumpster divers children are statistically most likely to be adopted

What do you call a s**... bread bin?

A crumb dumpster.

Apple thought of everything when they were designing the iMac...

Because even if you don't like it, it's one trip to the dumpster instead of three.

What's worse than a baby in a dumpster?

Two babies in a dumpster.

And what's worse than that? A baby in two dumpsters.

Two homeless men are dumpster diving for food outside of a synagogue...

One of the men pops his head out and says to the other, Man, these onion rings are really chewy!

Putting the new dry cleaner shop next to the Planned Parenthood was probably a bad idea.

All those discarded wire hangers in the dumpster aren't helping the cause.

What's worse then a baby in a dumpster?

A baby in two dumpsters.

What Do You Call a Broken Dumpster?

A Trash Can't.

Some might say america is a dumpster fire right now

But that's not true because a dumpster fire can actually give a homeless person a source of heat

I saw a bunch of kids trying to throw another kid into a dumpster and I had to step in.

They weren't tall enough to get him over the top.

What's the difference between a Texas energy company and a Dumpster Fire?

A Dumpster Fire creates affordable light and heat.

Never compare yourself to others

A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. "I've come to realize my trash dumpster has a better life than I do," he tells the bartender. "It gets taken out once a week and gets to stay out all night."

Do you know the definition of"perfect pitch?"

When you toss a banjo into a dumpster & it hits an accordion!

My son jumped into a dumpster to receive his ball

He hasn't bin seen since.

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