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Top 10 Funniest Dumplings Jokes and Puns

I was at a Chinese restaurant...

when I realized that a duckling is a small duck. So I decided to cancel my order of steamed dumplings.

I was chopping up some leftover dumplings from my soup at a Chinese restaurant when suddenly it hit me...

I was engaging in acts of wonton destruction.

I was sitting in the Chinese restaurant, thinking about how duckling means little duck...

So I canceled my order of dumplings.

Grandma made a bet with John that if he didn't eat 25 dumplings, he would clean the apartment

John eats the 24th dumpling, but the 25th is not in the plate ... That's all you need to know about drafting contracts.

What did the redneck say about the Chinese dumpling house?

Dim Sum good dumplings!

Today a large shipment of Chinese dumplings was thrown to the ground and smashed into crumbs by vandals who are unhappy with a change in the savory treat's recipe.

Local officials are said to be appalled by the wonton destruction.

What do Chinese bears fry dumplings in?

A Pan, Duh!

Dumplings joke, What do Chinese bears fry dumplings in?

My wife went to a chinese restaurant last night, but walked out in disgust when she saw their dumplings.

A clear case of wonton abandon.

I don't know whether there is a dumpling-shaped pasta made of potato flour, but I'll believe it when I see it.

You can say I'm agnocchic.

What do you call garbage wrapped in small trash bags?


A Couple Goes to a Chinese Restaurant...

They're feeling hungry but don't want to gorge themselves on appetizers, so when the waiter takes their initial order they ask for water and some light dumplings.

After some time, they notice that the room seems a bit darker. The waiter comes back for refills and asks How is everything?

The man replies Well, the atmosphere is nice but why isn't our appetizer here yet?

The waiter responds What appetizer? You only said you wanted the light dim sum!

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Last night I had beef stew with dumplings.

I shouldn't call her that, but she's a big girl.

A group of thugs barged into a chinese restaurant recently and smashed up all the dumplings...

Such pointless wonton destruction.

What do you call the offspring of turds?


White people do make weirder food than Asians

The Chinese just put minced pork in dough and called it dumplings, but Germans just HAD to use pig intestines

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