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How much does a Chinese dumpling weigh?

It weighs



I just tore a dumpling in half

It was wonton destruction


The police are currently on the lookout for a massive homeless dumpling that has been indiscriminately ransacking houses for money to buy basic necessities.

He's a wanted wanting wanton one-ton wonton.


I used to date this girl named Ling

but then I had to dumpling.


The lights at this chinese dumpling place were too bright

I had to ask them to Dim Sum


The Yin and Yang of dumplings and kebabs

An old asian man operates a store on the bottom floor of his house where he sells dumplings and kebabs. The dumplings are known for being the best in the entire city, but the kebabs are completely disgusting. The strange thing is, whenever you order a dumpling, you must also get a kebab with it. When people try to order just a dumpling, the old man straight up refuses. Many people avoid the shop for this reason.

One day, the man's nephew comes in, and asks "uncle, you know everybody loves your dumplings and hates your kebabs, right? You could probably get more business if you only sold dumplings." The old man leans in with a knowing smile, and says "I know that everyone loves my dumplings and hates the kebabs... But for all the light in this world, there must also be dark. Where something good is found, there must also be something bad. It is the way of the universe. Also this house has no toilet."


What do you call a chinese turd?

A dumpling


Why was the Chinese dumpling behaving in a deliberate and unprovoked way?

It was wonton.


How heavy is a dumpling?



What do you call a poorly made massive dumpling?

A wanton one-ton wonton.


How heavy is a Chinese dumpling?



What do you call a baby dump truck?

A dumpling!

Made up by my 8 year old son.


I broke up with my Asian girlfriend...

It was hard to dump-Ling


Why do Chinese throw away their rings on lunar new year?

Cuz they love dumpling.


Why does Chinese husband throw away his wedding ring?

Because his wife wants a dumpling for their anniversary dinner.


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