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Funniest Dumpling Short Jokes

Short dumpling jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The dumpling humour may include short doughnuts jokes also.

  1. I used to not like dumplings, but then I realized I was just going through a wonton phase.
  2. I was at a Chinese restaurant... when I realized that a duckling is a small duck. So I decided to cancel my order of steamed dumplings.
  3. I asked my dumplings why they were so good, and they just said, “It’s all dumplifying.”
  4. Why did the dumpling become an astronaut? It wanted to visit “dumplinets” in space!
  5. Why do dumplings never tell secrets? They’re good at “keeping their fillings”!
  6. What did the dumpling say to the sushi? “You’re a raw deal, but I’m the real ‘dill’!”
  7. I asked my dumplings if they wanted to go dancing, but they said they were just can’ts.
  8. Why did the dumpling refuse to go on a date? It was “filled” with anxiety!
  9. What’s a dumpling’s favorite exercise? “Dough-ing” yoga!
  10. Every time I eat a dumpling, I feel bready for anything.

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Dumpling One Liners

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  1. How much does a Chinese dumpling weigh? It weighs
  2. The dumpling became a fashion designer because it knew how to dress to impress.
  3. What’s a dumpling’s favorite book? “To Kill a Dum-lingbird”!
  4. How did the dumpling win the race? It took a “steamed-y” approach!
  5. Why did the dumpling break up with its dough? It wanted to be “dumplingle” again!
  6. The dumpling told such good jokes, it always left me in stitches.
  7. What’s a dumpling’s favorite dance move? The “steamy salsa”!
  8. Why did the dumpling go to the party? It wanted to make some “steam-y” friends!
  9. The dumpling took a trip to Spain and came back feeling empanada.
  10. How do dumplings stay fit? They practice “dough-crobatics”!
  11. How do dumplings like to travel? By “won-tours” around the world!
  12. How do dumplings like to party? “Pot-sticker” style!
  13. What do you call a group of talented dumplings? The “dumpling brigade”!
  14. Why did the dumpling take up painting? It wanted to “dum-paint” the town red!
  15. I accidentally ate all the dumplings, and now I feel dumplingoverished.

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My visit to Poland

I met a Polish friend of mine and told him I want to explore what Poland has to offer.
I asked about the beer culture.
We have lots of beers, ales, ciders, lagers, you name it!
Great, what would you recommend?
Anything Czech…
So instead we went out for lunch.
I want to eat something Polish!
We have dumplings, called pierogi, very popular and delicious…
Excellent, I would like to have those please.
No problem, would like Russian pierogi or Ukrainian ones?

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