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  1. Ad in the local paper: 25 year old woman, very attractive, beautiful blonde hair, perfect measurements, intelligent, with good sense of humor and stable income - Selling dump truck.
  2. When I was first diagnosed with schizophrenia, I was devastated. I guess that's what happens when the voices tell you to jump under a dump truck.
  3. A salt truck accidentally dumps salt on a man's car When the man arrived at work late due to the incident his boss asked, "Why are you late?"
    The man replies, "I was as**salt**ed."

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Dump Truck One Liners

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  1. Difference between Trump and a dump truck? Four Goodyears.
  2. What has 8 wheels and flies? A dump truck
  3. What do you call a baby dump truck? A dumpling!
    Made up by my 8 year old son.
  4. I traded my wife in for a dump truck... I wanted something with a smaller box

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There was once a truck driver eating at a diner.

He was enjoying his meal, when a gang of bikers walked in. They started bullying him, by dumping salt and pepper all over him, spitting in his coffee, and stealing his food. To their surprise, the truck driver did nothing, but pay the bill, and walk out of the diner.
As they are marveling about this, the waitress comes up to them. The biker gang says that the truck driver wasn't much of a fighter.
The waitress then looks out into the night and says, He doesn't look to be much of a driver either. He just ran over 3 motorcycles.

Dumping garbage

The Sheriff pulled up next to a guy unloading garbage out of his pick-up truck into a ditch. The Sheriff asks, "Why are you dumping garbage in the ditch? Don't you see that sign right over your head?"
"Yep," he replied. "That's why I'm dumpin' it here, 'cause it says: 'FINE FOR DUMPING GARBAGE.'"

True story:

I was bringing our cans in when a salt truck came down our block this afternoon, and was pretty jolted when, while driving past me, it proceeded to dump salt right on me.
My husband comforted me by saying, I'm so sorry… you were a-salted.

Best joke my mother ever told

A red neck was walking back to his truck with a bucket full of fish when he is stopped by D.N.R. The agent asked to see his fishing license. The red neck asked what he needed a fishing license for. He was told he needed one to fish. The red neck says, "I wasn't fishin' These are my pet fish. I take them out every evenin' and let them swim around and when I whistle they jump back in my bucket." The agent just had to see this. They go back down to the water and the red neck dumps the fish back into the water. After quite a few minutes the D.N.R. agent asked the red neck when he was going to whistle for his fish. The red neck looks back at him and says, "what fish?"

Oldie but goodie.

My buddy and I were out hunting one afternoon. He decided he had to take a dump, so he dripped his pants and squatted down. while he was taking care of business a rattlesnake slithered up behind him and bit him on the head of his tally wacker.
He jumbed up with both hands wrapped around it and yelled I've been bit call the doctor. I called the dr and explained about the bite and that we were at least 45 mins from our truck and another hour from the hospital. He got quiet and said " All U can do for him now is to take ur knife out and cut an "x" in each hole and s**... the venom out and get him here asap". I thought for a second and asked 'What if I don't do that what happens?". He replied back "He will die. So get ur knife out and get after it. I will be waiting for u here at the ER." and he hung up.
My buddy looked at me with his tally wacker in his hands about to squeeze it in half and asked " WHAT DID HE SAY???!!!!"
I looked him straight in the eye and told him "He said Ur ging to die".