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I like my girls like I like my Dumbledore

Head Masters

So I read J. K Rowlings announcments.

I finally understand how dumbledore got The title of headmaster.

I call my girlfriend Dumbledore

Because she's the real headmaster

Dumbledore joke, I call my girlfriend Dumbledore

How does Dumbledore get down a hill?


J.K. Rolling

Do you know why most Hogwarts students are white?

Because Dumbledore doesn't like black magic.

Hey girl are you Dumbledore?

Because you can be my headmaster

What does Dumbledores car collection consist of?

All busses!

Dumbledore joke, What does Dumbledores car collection consist of?

Dumbledore being gay shouldn't have taken anyone by surprise.

He was called *head* master from the first book!

As Dumbledore stood there stroking his wand

Harry regretted transferring to Catholic School

Following the events of Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, how did the Hogwarts payroll department satisfy the sudden termination of Albus Dumbledore?

Severus Package

I recently got a new spoiler on my car...

It reads, Snape kills Dumbledore.

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I heard Dumbledore is gay

Talk about a headmaster

Calling your girlfriend dumbledore cz she is the real head master

What do you call a magic door?


Who has the best pet peeves?


What did Dumbledore say to the potions teacher at Hogwarts when he fired him?

This is your severance snape.

Dumbledore joke, What did Dumbledore say to the potions teacher at Hogwarts when he fired him?

What do you call your side chick?

Because she really is the head master.

Hogwarts' Spells

Two kids are fighting in Hogwarts, Dumbledore comes to seperate them and says loudly Β«You guys are Ex-spelledΒ»

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