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Top 10 Funniest Dumb Dad Jokes and Puns

Son: "I got expelled"

Dad: "How?"

Son: "I wrote 2 + 2 = 41 on the whiteboard."

Dad: "That's pretty dumb but-"

Son: "Then my teacher told me to go up to the board..."

Dad: "Ok?"

Son: "And rub 1 out."

My dad accidentally ordered the wrong paving materials

Now That's his own dumb asphalt.

What did the shirt say to the pants?

What up britches!

(At a photography studio today, taking an extended family picture with like 15 people there. This is what the photographer said to get us to smile. I couldn't stop laughing, and was beet red. We had to wait for me to calm down. I'm a middle age married man with teenage kids , it was great fun seeing my girls roll their eyes at dad, that couldn't stop laughing at a dumb joke.)

A dumb one, ever for already low dad-joke expectations...

True story (makes this even more pathetic) that happened last night:

Wife: The fan is too high
Me: It's like that so we don't bump our heads

My father says I'm dumb but I know...

Dad jokes

How do pirates know they're pirates?

They think, therefore they AAAARRR.

My dad just told me that and I laughed. So dumb but it's Talk Like A Pirate Day.


God and Jesus are planning the inspiration for the Bible. Jesus asks God, "Dad, shouldn't we say something about not taking these stories literally?" God replies, "Don't worry Jesus, these people aren't that dumb... Have a little faith!"

A son tells his dad,

"Dad! There's a mockingbird on the roof."
"How do you know it's a mockingbird?" The Dad asks.
The son responds, "Because it said 'Look at me I'm a dumb 40 year old living in my parents basement'"

A son came home from school and told his dad he got expelled.

Dad: "How?"

Son: "I wrote 2+2=41 on the whiteboard.

Dad: "well, that's pretty dumb but-

Son: "Then my teacher told me to go back up to the board..."

Dad: Ok...

Son: "... and rub one out."

Why is divorce so expensive?

because it's worth it.

I'm going through a divorce right now and my dad just told me this joke. It's dumb but it made me laugh uncontrollably.

Bud asks his dad: Why do my 3 brothers have family names while my name is Bud ?

Dad replies: Cause son, the first time I saw you, I told your mom: He's gonna be Big, Ugly, & Dumb!

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My dads favorite dumb joke

Astronauts land on a planet inhabited by beautiful women who are10 feet tall. They approach the women and say "take me to your ladder, ill see your leader later"

Did you here about the support group for dads who make dumb jokes around their families?

Yeah, it's "fo' pas".

Your dad is so dumb...

that he forgot to use a condom


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