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What's more covered in sweat than a marathon runner at the end of a race?

Josh Duggar at a family reunion.

Where did Josh Duggar take his first Ashley Madison date?


What does a Duggar girl and the Unabomber have in common?

They have both been fingered by their brother.

Duggar joke, What does a Duggar girl and the Unabomber have in common?

We don't talk about the Duggar family in our house anymore.

The subject is a bit too touchy.

How many children did Josh Duggar molest?

19 kids and counting.

Too soon? :/

TLC launching new spin-off Josh Duggar retrospective series....

"15 and Mounting".

"I started talking to this girl and it was going really well until....

our mom called us in for dinner."

-Josh Duggar

Duggar joke, "I started talking to this girl and it was going really well until....

What did Josh say when asked if his sister was good in bed?

"I Duggar."

Cosby, Duggar & Fogle babysitting services....

We watch the kids, mom gets some rest.

How many Duggar does it take to screw in a light bulb?

They screw children, not light bulbs.

A reality star, a rapist and a child molester walk into a bar.

And Josh Duggar orders a drinkο»Ώ.

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Walking didgeridoo

I heard what sounded like a didgeridoo coming down the street one very very windy day. Turns out it was just Michelle Duggar wearing a skirt.

I heard Josh Duggar is headed to prison

I think he's just headed to a family reunion.

Dodger Stadium announces they are now offering a limited edition Duggar Dog...

The wiener is so big you can share it with your sister.

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