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Top 10 Funniest Duck Tape Jokes and Puns

Remember duck tape turns no no no...

In to mmm mmm mmm

How do birds record their songs ?

On duck tape !

true meaning of duck tape

duck tape turns a no no no to a hmm hmm hmm

Silence is golden

And it just so happens that duck tape is silver. Either way you will get silence

A double bass player

A double bass player gets a call for a gig. Says he has to meet everyone else at the docks at 9pm. He's there waiting when he gets bashed on the head and knocked unconscious.

He wakes up ducked taped to his bass, floating in the harbour. After his first panic fades he looks around and notices several other players also ducked taped to their basses, bobbing in the water.

After a pause he yells out "Hey, do we get fed on this gig?"

"We did last year!" one answers.

What's the best part about duck tape?

It makes "No, no, no!", sound like " Mmm! Mmm! Mmm!"

Duck tape fixes everything... Except relationships because she won't let you put it over her mouth.

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