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Two statisticians are out hunting...

Two statisticians are out hunting when one of them sees a duck. The first takes aim and shoots, but the bullet goes sailing pass 6in too high. The second statistician also takes aim and shoots, but this time the bullet goes sailing past 6in too low. The two statisticians then give one another high fives and exclaim "Got him!"

I was out duck hunting with Olivia Wilde.

After a while, Olivia spotted a massive duck in the distance and insisted that I hunt it down.

I started to follow it, through bushes and brambles, woods and fields, over hills and through valleys, until finally, I caught up with it. The huge duck turned in my direction, honked and started running after me...

It was at that moment I realised, I wasn't pursuing a duck for Olivia, I was on a Wilde goose chase.

After a long day of duck hunting I was famished... so I decided to sit down, put my feet up, and have my favorite snack...

Cheese and quackers.

Why did the Duck flying in the sky get Shot?

Michael J Fox was hunting rabbits.

3 Texas men missing while duck hunting found dead.

The incident is under investigation, but officials do not expect fowl play.

A blonde comes back home from hunting

\- Have you hunted a lot?
\- Nope! Not a single duck!
\- But... There's plenty of ducks out there. How could it be?
\- Well, I don't know. Maybe I'm not throwing the dog high enough...

Two rednecks are duck hunting

1: M R Ducks
2: A R Not
1: O S A R, C M E T B T Wangs?
2: L I B, M R Ducks!

I saw a good friend shot in the head today

we were at a popular hunting spot and he asked me what i liked to hunt. I said duck. In retrospect, i should have said 'duck'!

So my friend went duck hunting the other day, but didn't get anything

I told him it was alright. No harm no fowl.

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