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How many dub-step artists does it take to clean a bathtub?

100\. One to actually clean it, and 99 to talk about how dirty it is.

What do you call fapping to dubstep?

Wubbing one out.

How many dubstep fans does it take to clean a shower?


1 to actually clean the shower, and 99 to stand around and talk about how filthy it is.

A guy goes on a blind date for the first time...

...And is kind of having a hard time getting a conversation started. He decides to try to get her to talk with a very simple topic: Music.

"Do you like dubstep?" He asks.

"Like it?" She responds, with an excited look on her face. "I wub it!"

How many dubstep fans does it take to wash a car?

One hundred and one. Two to wash it, one to dry it, and ninety eight to talk about how dirty it was.

How are bad dubstep and constipation similar?

Both leave you waiting for the drop.

What's the difference between...

What's the difference between dubstep and a fish on the floor?

Nothing as long as you drop the bass.

Dubstep joke, What's the difference between...

What do you call a shower rug that likes dubstep?

A diplomat.

What do you call fat dubstep?

Chubby wubby

What does a massage therapist with a speech impediment who moonlights as a dubstep dj do all day?

Wub, wub, wubs.

What does acid reflux and dubstep have in common?

They both get better when you drop the "base".

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What is the native language in Dubai?


A dyslexic man wants to listen to "Skillet"

He ends up listening to Dubstep instead

What is the favorite food joint of dubstep makers?


What does the massage therapist with a lisp who is a dubstep dj by night do for a living?

He wub wub wubs.

Remember when dubstep was good?

Yeah, me neither.

Dubstep joke, Remember when dubstep was good?

Two aliens are talking aboard their ship

Alien 1: Did the humans get our message?

Alien 2: Yes, but they named it dubstep and are dancing to it

Alien 1: Idiots

My girl's got the Dubstep of Periods...

I'm waiting forever for it to drop

I called my fishing boat "Dubstep"

Because it's the only time i drop the bass.

What do you call Dubstep on a Mac?


What did the dubstep valentine's day card say?

I wub you

I once heard a story of a man who played Destiny, trying to get the greatest boots of all time, named The Dubstep Grieves.

He died waiting for the drop.

What Does a Farmer and Dubstep have in common?

They both drop beats!

The weather in Canada is like a dubstep

It's so nice and warm, but all of a sudden it it d-d-d-drops the tempΒΊ

what do you call tap dancing with subtitles?


Just bought an an Indian dubstep album.

It has some pretty Sikh tunes.

Dubstep joke, Just bought an an Indian dubstep album.

What do defecation and dubstep have in common?

The drop is the main event

If I were to drop LSD at a dubstep concert....

Would the acid neutralize the bass?

What is the offical chip of Dubstep?


Why do anime fans hate electronica?

The can't stand DUBstep

Have you heard of the Christian dubstep group?

They are called BibleThump

What's clean dubstep sound like?

Scrub scrub scrub

How many ska musicians does it take drop a dubstep beat?

Nobody knows because they always PICK IT UP PICK IT UP PICK IT UP PICK IT UP!

How do you titrate dubstep?

You drop the base.

My new band

I'm starting a band that will be dubstep and ska fusion. We gonna drop the beat then pick it up pick it up pick it up!!

I overlayed some dubstep to my favorite video of a clumsy fisherman

I synced them up to when they drop the bass.

What is 11..11..11..11..11..11..11..11?

Spanish Dubstep.

What's the quietest type of dubstep?

Mouse Trap

If geologists like rock music and mortuary scientists like death metal, what kind of music do physicists like?

Physicists enjoy dubstep, mainly because you don't have to account for wind resistance in the drop

I take LSD every time I go to a dubstep concert, but it always wears off.

I think it's because the bass neutralizes the acid

I got arrested for fishing without a license at a dubstep festival.

The arresting officer yelled "drop the bass!"

Why are Dubstep musicians so bad at making pizza?

Because they always drop the base!

Why are dubstep musicians terrible at fishing?

They always drop the bass

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