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Top 10 Funniest Drycleaners Jokes and Puns

A blonde walks into a drycleaners

and says 'good morning' to the elderly attendant and hands him a blouse. The man didn't hear too well and asked, "Come again"?

The blonde turned red and giggled. "No, just mayonnaise this time."

Come Again They said as the woman drops off her stained dress at the drycleaners

No, it's actually a yogurt stain this time. She replied

I don't think that's a drool stain.

A pretty young girl goes into a her local dry-cleaners with an evening dress under her arm. She shows the dress to the old man behind the counter and asks
"It's really not too dirty except for this one stain, can you take care of the stain for me, please?"
The old man is hard of hearing and says
"Come again?"
The girl replies
"No, just some mustard."

A blonde goes into a drycleaners...

Picking up her dress she turns to leave.
The assistant says "Come again"
"No, this time it's only toothpaste!"

What happened to the man who stole his pants from the drycleaners?

He made a CLEAN getaway!!!

A woman went to the dry-cleaners... pick up a dress she'd had laundered.

The man behind the counter hands over her garment and just as she's about to leave he says "come again".

With that the woman turns round and says "no, it was just toothpaste this time".

I wish stud finders worked...

I keep losing mine at the dry-cleaners.

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