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The Drums Must Not Stop

A man was exploring the African jungle and came upon a tribe of natives, their presence underscored by the distinctive and monotonous beating of drums. The man spoke with the tribe and they allowed him to stay with them and sleep on their grounds.

The first night, the man didn't sleep a wink due to the ongoing drumming so he spoke to the chief. "Chief, I got no sleep last night. Could you maybe stop the drumming for a night so I could rest?"

The chief replied, "The drums must not stop."

The man figured it was their culture and focused on enjoying the day, studying and spending time with the tribe.

That night, the drums again kept the man awake for the whole night and in the morning he spoke with the chief.
"Chief, please! I need some sleep; couldn't the drums cease for just one night for my health?"

The chief replied, "The drums must not stop."

The man, exacerbated, let the issue drop and tried to focus on the day at hand, but could not focus due to lack of sleep and the incessant pounding of the drums.

That night, the beating of the drums left the man sleepless yet again in the morning he angrily approached the chief.
"Chief, I've just about had it. The drums must stop; it is impossible to get any rest with them!"

The chief replied, "The drums must not stop."

"Why! Why can the drums not stop? What happens when the drums stop?!"

The chief replied, "Bass solo."

Two Snare drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff

buh dum tss

How would you describe Al Gore playing the drums?


I paid a fish to come over to re-key my guitar, piano and drums.

He was a professional tuna.

jokes about drums

Two drums and a cymbal jump off a cliff...

Ba dum tss.

A music teacher is facing the judge in court

After a few minutes, the judge recognises the man and asks him a question. "Hey, wasn't it you who taught my son to play the drums?"

"Uhh... yeah?" he replied.

"Life in prison for you!"

An anthropologist travels to the deepest darkest rainforest...

to study a tribe untouched by civilisation.

As he is trecking towards the villiage he starts to hear drumming. The closer he gets, the louder it gets. It's relentless and doesn't seem to stop.

A day later he arrives at the villiage and gets introduced to the eldar. He immediately asks "What are the drums for?"

The eldar simply responds "The drums must never stop."

Throughout the night and the next day the incessent drumming starts to grate on his nerves. He asks around and every member of the tribe answers with "The drums must never stop."

3 days later he has had no sleep and is at a loose end. He approaches the eldar.

"I really have to know about the drums."

"The drums must never stop."

"Yes, yes. I know that. But why?"

The eldar looks at him and says "Bass solo."

Drums joke, An anthropologist travels to the deepest darkest rainforest...

Two snare drums and a hi-hat fall off a cliff.

Bu dum tiss

General Custer to a Geordie soldier: "The Apaches are playing war drums!" Geordie soldier: "So they're thieving bastards as well as savages!"

I wanted to make a "two drums and a cymbal fall off of a cliff" joke, but um...


I'm writing a film about a cannibal undead tax exile who plays drums, eats your mother and then is sick.

It's a nondomtomtomnomnommomvomromzomcom

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Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff...

...Bad-um Tst

Ross's sister had a fear of wind instruments

So Chandler played the drums.

He didn't want to Harm Monica.

What does a blonde playing the drums sound like?

Dumb chick dumb chick dumb chick...

I wanted to be a comedian who drums

But I don't have a shtick

I broke the drums at the bar where I work, so my boss had to order a new set

He told me there would be repercussions

Drums joke, I broke the drums at the bar where I work, so my boss had to order a new set

What did one drumset say to the other drumset?

Drumroll please?

I tried to learn how to play the drums.

but i'm just a beat off.

I see children like bongo drums

They're slightly irritating but it's fashionable for the rich to bring them back from Africa

What happens when you play the drums incorrectly?

You get repercussions

2 drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff.

Well, not in that order

tch ba dum

I repaired my drums after my son broke it...

Now he has to deal with the repercussions.

Me, neighbor and cops are making a band

I play electric guitar, Cops are playing drums on the door and neighbor sings outside the window.

Two snare drums and a cymbal fall on the ground


People are like drums...

If you hit them with a stick, they will make noise.

What do you call a midget playing drums in a subway?

A metro-gnome

Drums joke, What do you call a midget playing drums in a subway?

I regret joining a band with a turkey on drums.

He usually forgets his drumsticks so he has to wing it.

So this old guy is lying face down in the sand on a nude beach.

A hot blonde comes along and starts rhythmically smacking his buttocks like drums.

Then the geezer flips around, grins toothlessly at her and says, Why don't you play the flute instead of the bongos?

I bought a pair of drums without any drumsticks, so I decided to bolt them together.

I figured if you can't beat them, join them.

I told my music teacher I wanted to play the drums.

He said "Beat it!"

Some cavalry soldiers are pinned down by a bunch of Indians.

The Major yells to the Sergeant, "Sergeant, I don't like the sound of those drums!" one of the Indians hollers, "He's not our regular drummer!"

I had a dream last night...

In my dream I was watching a band play. Buddha was playing guitar, Jesus was playing bass, Mohammed was singing, and Zeus was playing the drums. After the show, Zeus came down and gave me a large metal disc. I think it was a cymbal from god.

Two drums and a cymbal walk off a cliff

*Ba dumm tshhh*

My newsfeed keeps showing me a video of a former US Vice President playing the drums...

It must be Facebook's Al Gore rhythms.

Two snare drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff

Two snare drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff.

Rim shot.

I can't believe my neighbour.

He knocked on my door and yelled for me AT 2am. 2am! Can you believe him? Lucky for him i was still awake playing my drums.

Two drums and a cymbal fall off a mountain.

Ba dum tsss

Neighbor in my apartment was banging on my door at three in the morning.

Good thing I was up playing my drums.

My neighbor knocked on my door this morning at 2:30 AM!

Luckily for him i was still up playing my drums

Two drums and a cymbal fall of a cliff

Ba dum

Two drums and a cymbal fall off a cliff.

"da dum, tshhhh"

Two drums and a cymbal were standing on a cliff and decided to kill themselves


My neighbour knocked on my door at 2:00am

I know 2:00am!? Good thing I was still up playing my drums

A bass player dies and goes to hell

when he gets there, he's surprised to find Keith Moon immediately greeting him.

Hey man, you've gotta join our band. We've got Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughn on guitar, and Im on drums

the bassist looks confused and says wait, this is hell right? that sounds awesome!

well satan's got a girlfriend who sings

Why did the turkey play the drums in his band?

Because he already had drum sticks!

Two cowboys were riding through a canyon and from far off they heard the sound of drumming.

One of them said, "I don't like the sound of those drums." And a distant voice called out "He's not our regular drummer!"

the best present you can give anyone is a set of broken drums

you can't beat it

I am thinking of making a cover band of Beatles without the drums.

I would name it The Beatles with an extra 's'.

Won't believe the nerve of my neighbor knocking on my door at 3AM.

Fortunately I was up playing the drums.

My Grandad was the best drummer in the world

He used to practice 18 hours a day, seven days a week, every day of the year.
Morning, noon, and night he'd be banging away with his sticks, so dedicated he was, he didn't even have a set of drums, preferring instead to play on old biscuit tins, bottles, anything he could lay his hands on.
He was still playing right up till the moment he died aged 86 when my grandmother stabbed him in the neck with a fork.

Two drums and a cymbal

fell off a cliff.

Neighbor rang on my doorbell at 3AM

My neighbor rang on my doorbell at 3am. Can you believe it!?
Luckily I was still up playing the drums.

Two cowboys are on the edge of a cliff when they hear the sound of wardrums.

One cowboy looks at the other and says, I don't like the sound of those war drums.
From below, they hear somebody shout, He's not our regular drummer!

A couple are on holiday on a pacific island...

When they arrive they hear a constant drum beat; the ask the taxi driver and he says "Drums must never stop!"

They get to the hotel and the drumming is still going, so they ask the cleaner and she says "Drums must never stop!"

The drums continue all night and the couple can't sleep. Exhausted, they storm down to reception and ask about the noise. "Drums must never stop!", says the concierge.

"But why?!" demand the couple.

"Because when drums stop... Bass solo begins!"

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