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What do you call a Camel in a drought?

A dry humper.

An increasing number of farmers are losing their crops due to drought

It's a growing problem.

Does your state have less water than California?

Drought it.

I have the solution to the drought in California

Just let all the ladies hear my mixtape

Have you heard about the drought in Yemen?

The UN is giving out a lot of Yemen aid.

Worst thing about this Californian drought...

...the the state has lost its favorite, longest-running Rivers

Tsunami invited Cyclone,Earthquake,and Drought to a tea party.

No one came.

Tsunami had a silent tea.

Drought joke, Tsunami invited Cyclone,Earthquake,and Drought to a tea party.

over the The next 3 months, there's going to be a drought in Germany

Definitely looks like a Drei season

Is climate change leading to more wildfires?

Without a drought

What does Barbie say when the drought finally ends?

It's raining Ken, hallelujah....

TIL about GMO Corn

Scientists have been working on developing drought resistant corn that will be a better crop for regions that do not get as much rain. They have developed a strain of corn that has stoma on the underside of the leaves that are stiffer.
It is hard pore corn.

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Ireland has just declared a drought!

In response to this the Irish government have decided to close 2 lanes in every swimming pool in an effort to save water.

Vocal fry is no joke.

Remember, those people in California are suffering from a drought!

I sent a postcard to an African tribe suffering from drought

'Hope you get well soon'

What do you call a sniper in the desert?

scout in a drought.

With the last decade's drought of big-screen solo superheroines, you could say...

...the industry's been waiting for Gadot.

I'll show myself out.

Drought joke, With the last decade's drought of big-screen solo superheroines, you could say...

I've been told I have a dry sense of humor....

but that's mostly because of the drought

"This ice bucket challenge is really contributing the California's drought....."

I said as I walked into Raging Waters

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