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I don't see what's the big deal about driverless cars.

Every parking lot is full of them.

The voice command system of my driverless car stopped working days ago.

It goes without saying..

Soon I'll have a driverless car...

I'm not getting a Tesla. It's just my insurance runs out and I can't afford to renew it.

Driverless joke, Soon I'll have a driverless car...

If the rumors about Apple manufacturing a driverless car...

Then I can't wait to drive into the middle of the Atlantic ocean!

I accidentally muted the command switch on my driverless car...

...well, it goes without saying.

There's no such thing as driverless cars.

The software required to make a car drive itself has all kinds of drivers!

The majority of Americans said driverless cars will have a big impact on the elderly people

, specifically if they don't cross the stress fast enough.

Driverless joke, The majority of Americans said driverless cars will have a big impact on the elderly people

'Ford recalls nearly 1.4 million cars, steering wheel can come loose'

Is this Ford's idea of a driver-less car?

What's under the hood of a Google driverless car?

A search engine.

What do you call a car with an asian behind the wheel?

A driverless car.

I own a Driver-less car.

Yup, it's sitting parked on my driveway right now.

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Who's driving?

A black guy and a Puerto Rican are in the back seat of a car. So who's driving? No one! They're both research scientists gathering data on the performance of Google driverless car. You racist.

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