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Top 10 Funniest Drip Jokes and Puns

Why do cumshots drip into belly buttons?

It's sea men trying to get to the navel base.

Why does ISIS only drink drip coffee?

Because they hate French Press!

I got some really cool clothing for my tonsils

Now I have post-nasal drip

Drip joke, I got some really cool clothing for my tonsils

There's a pair of twins, Ivan and Oliver Peterson.

They both became doctors. Not medical doctors, but doctors in meteorology.

They study the rain. You know,



A man walks into a bar...

...wearing a hospital gown and attached to an IV drip.
He asks the barman to give him a double Vodka on the rocks.
Barman passes him one and he necks it back.
He asks the barman for another double Vodka on the rocks.
Barman passes him another and he necks it back.

'I really shouldn't be drinking this with what I have,' the man says.
'What do you have?' the barman says.
'50 cents,' the man says.

They call me gonorrhea...

Because I got that drip

What is the tastiest liquid in a fruit?

The IV Drip

Drip joke, What is the tastiest liquid in a fruit?

I have a drip on my shoe from when I was eating a gyro in Europe.

I'm calling it a Greece stain.

Today I met an incontinent hippie on LSD.

He had a bad drip.

I had a feeling my nurse was new on the job

when she came in and hung 4 bags on the drip pole.

Why did the coffee get addicted to Cocaine?

It enjoyed the drip

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