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Fire broke out at a local marijuana farm, and the smoke began to drift to a nearby cattle ranch.

The steaks were high

Have you heard the people who pronounce 'Pangea' with a hard 'g' instead of the soft one?

For the confused, I'm talking about consonantal drift.

Volcanic eruptions are just the earth rubbing one out

If you catch my continental drift. (;

Drift joke, Volcanic eruptions are just the earth rubbing one out

What do you call a dead hooker found in a snow drift?

A Frostitute.

How do astronauts get to sleep?

They just drift off.

My favorite joke.

When I die I want to die like my granddad just drift off to sleep and never wake up... Not yelling and screaming like the other people in his car.

When does snow become a boat?

When it's a drift!

Drift joke, When does snow become a boat?

Did you hear about elon musk sending a tesla car into space?

To *drift* for all eternity

Fast and the Furious just announced a new movie called Faster And Furiouser 3.1:

You Get the Drift


Hemingway sitting in a joint in Idaho, drink in hand, summer 1961.
Two broads, a brunette and redhead, drift into the bar, see Hemingway.
They caper over, exchange a glance - Red says "So, big guy, we need to know. She says briefs, I say boxers. Which?".

After drifting through empty space for almost 50 years, what is Pioneer 9's favorite cheese?


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Why didn't Texas drift into the gulf coast?

Because Oklahoma sucks.

I think we need to find faster means of travel across water.

You catch my drift, mate?

There are two kinds of Asians...

The kind you see drifting in Tokyo Drift, and the other you see drifting around roundabouts.

What did the drifter say to the person he hit ?

RIP my E-brake

Being romantic as an awkward mathematician is hard...

I called my girlfriend 1/cos(c) to try and compliment her but I don't think she caught my drift. Can't blame her though, that's a triggy one.

Drift joke, Being romantic as an awkward mathematician is hard...

Why did the ship drift off.

It's anchor was aweigh

What do you call a dolphin caught in a drift net?


I have never felt understood by my wife so I got in my truck, sped up and slid right into her.

She got the drift.

What do you get when you drift a car in California?

Night of Fire

Did you hear about Rommels wristwatch?

It fell off while he was crossing a river, and just floated there, didn't sink, didn't drift downstream, just floated there.
They called it die wacht am Rhein.

Joke of the Day 6/12/14

The other day, I sent my girlfriend a huge pile of snow. I rang her up,and I said " Did you get my drift?".

What is the best way to collect driftwood?

Find an illegal drift race.

All the bros standing around without cars will have wood.

Why doesn't Texas drift off into the Gulf of Mexico?

Cuz OU sucks

What do you call it when someone breaks an Asians ankles In basketball?

Tokyo drift

I mailed my girlfriend a lot of snow

I wonder if she got my drift

What do you call a porn-star in a snow drift?

A snow blower.

I cannot even fathom how deep the snow is back east!

Get my drift?

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