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A horse walks into a bar.

The bartender asks the horse if it's an alcoholic considering all the bars he frequents, to which the horse replies ~~I don't think I am"~~ "I think not!" POOF! The horse disappears.

Army vs. Navy

An Army Colonel and a Navy Commodore dressed in ceremonial attire, are taking a pee in the men's room.

Post finishing their business, the Army guy washes his hands and dries them on a towel.
The Navy guy proceeds to just walk out.

Seeing this, the Army guy can't resist taking a snipe and says, 'Didn't the Navy teach you to wash your hands after peeing?'

The Navy guys replies, 'Nah! In the Navy they just taught us not to pee on our hands.'

Three automobile managers at the urinal

The first goes to the sink and dries his hands with so many paper towels that not even the smallest droplet remains. "At Opel, we learn to be extremely thorough," he says.

The second uses only one towel for this and remarks: "At BMW, we also learn to be extremely efficient."

The third walks past the sink and says, "At Daimler, we don't piss all over our hands!"

Free Organic Pathologist Test

Go upto a tree and take a leak:

* If pee attracts ants, you've got diabetes.
* If it dries fast, your sodium is high.
* If it smells like meat, your cholesterol is high.
* If you forgot to unzip, it's Alzheimer's.
* If you missed the tree, Parkinson's.
* If you peed on your shoes, enlarged prostate.
* If you can't smell it, COVID 19.

I walked up to a guy in the gym.

I said, "How do you use this piece of equipment?"

"It's pretty simple," he replied, "Just push the button and it dries your hands..."

What becomes more wet the more it dries?

Me after doing the dishes. I love cleaning.

What gets wetter the more it dries?

A towel.

Dries joke, What gets wetter the more it dries?

What is the driest soda you can buy?

Baking soda.

A grape falls off a vine and dries...

Everything happens for a raisin.

What dries your clothes but can also make you writhe around in agony?

A tumblr.

What gets wet the more it dries?

A sexy maid doing the laundry!

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A Woman is completely harmless and does not believe in violence, She is like angel,The most mannered human being in the world. Until....

her nail polish dries..

What do you get when your Grey Poupon dries out?

An upper crust.

Bill Gates, Steve Jobs and Linus Torvalds walk into a restroom in 2005...

When Bill Gates finishes doing his business, he goes to the sink, washes his hands, pulls 20 paper towels from the dispenser, and dries his hands completely as Steve Jobs walks up.

Bill says "at Microsoft, we like to be thorough."

Steve Jobs washes his hands even cleaner than Bill, then takes only one paper towel, using every last little bit of it, and still managing to dry his hands completely.

Steve says "at Apple, we like to be thorough AND efficient."

Just then, Linus Torvalds walks up to the sink and pulls out a laptop.

Bill and Steve give Linus a confused look. "what are you doing?" they ask.

Linus says "I'm reading the man page for the sink."

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