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Top 10 Funniest Drier Jokes and Puns

I thought my drier was shrinking my clothes because they don't fit any more.

Turns out, it was my refrigerator all along.

What happens when you put a drier sheet in the washing machine?

It becomes a wetter sheet.

(original joke. Can't find it anywhere)

Just returned my hair drier.

It sucked.

Today I saw a penny in a urinal and wondered what they wished for.

I'm wishing for a drier pocket.

Even though there's a picture on the hand drier,

I have yet to receive my 3 strips of bacon

I was folding my pants, fresh out the drier, and found a dollar in a pocket. Jesus Christ...

How long have I been laundering money?

I have a coworker whose humour gets drier he gets more dehydrated.

(True story)

A man was in charge of offloading the...

...grain from the ships at the harbour. Unfortunately the grain was very moist and did not get sucked up by vacuum too easily.

He approached the foreman for some advice, who said: "If at first you don't suck seed, try a drier grain."

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