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Best Short Dried Fruit Jokes

Short dried fruit puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The dried fruit humour may include short dried jokes also.

  1. Twice a year there is a newsletter released about dried fruit. On those dates it is raisin awareness of currant events.
  2. I met a girl who didn't like dried fruit. Well I certainly couldn't interest her in a date.
  3. I accidentally sat on a bag of dried fruit the other day Guess I *have* been on a date this year!
  4. I was telling my children about the health benefits of eating dried fruits recently It's really all about raisin awareness.
  5. I asked a lady friend if she fancied coming around and sharing a dried exotic fruit.. She said it sounds like a date
  6. Yo mama so dumb.. On a hot summer day she saw some dry fruits, felt bad, then tried to rehydrate them.
  7. I've started telling everyone I know about the benefits of dried fruit. It's all about raisin awareness.
  8. Why can't you play poker with dry fruits? It drives people nuts when you're raisin the stakes.
  9. Why did the woman take dried fruit to the calendar convention? Because she had a date date date
  10. I ran out of poker chips so used dry fruits for playing instead. People went nuts when they saw me raisin the stakes.

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Dried Fruit One Liners

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  1. Hear about the fire at the dried fruits factory? It was an apricotastrophe.
  2. Whaddya call a gay mummy? A dried fruit
  3. Would you like to go and eat some dried fruit? Great, then it's a date!
  4. What do you call a 90 year old gay person? Dried fruit.
  5. What do you call a psychotic Japanese person who likes dried fruit? A craisin.
  6. Why do Arabs eat dried fruit? Because they don't like Jews

Cheerful Fun Dried Fruit Jokes for Lovely Laughter

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I met someone online who shares my f**... for urinating on dried fruit...

Next week we're going to go on a date

Wait, you didn't hear about the t**... attack on the Dried Fruits and Nuts convention?

I guess you don't follow currant events.

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