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Funniest Dresser Short Jokes

Short dresser jokes and puns are one of the best ways to have fun with word play in English. The dresser humour may include short dressing room jokes also.

  1. My wife told me she couldn't stay married to a cross dresser. So I packed her things and left.
  2. My spinster aunt thinks that statue of Jesus on the crucifix in only a loincloth is too revealing, so she has started covering them in appropriate clothing. ...aparently, she's a cross-dresser now.
  3. How to drive your wife wild in the bedroom. Leave all of the dresser drawer slightly ajar with a little piece of clothing sticking out.
  4. My Indian gf blocked a portrait of us on the dresser with a Ganesh trinket. I told her we have to address the elephant in the room.
  5. I don't understand why Christians are so bothered by trans people... After all, the first cross dresser was Jesus.

  6. Whenever my husband opens his wardrobe he shouts and curses.
    I think he's a cross dresser.
  7. Time to be creative. I'll give you the punchline, you give me the joke! A dresser without drawers.
  8. My wife cut herself putting the clothes away. When she showed me, I said, "Wow, and I thought I was a sharp dresser."
  9. My wife accused me of being a cross dresser the other day... So i packed her things and left
  10. I love showing up to religious conventions cosplaying as a crucified Jesus. I'm a cross dresser.

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Dresser One Liners

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  1. Why are Gay Men better dressers? They spent more time in the closet!....
  2. Why do cross dressers fall slowly? Because of the drag.
  3. What Reaper says when he is going to hair dresser? DYE DYE DYE!
  4. I hung a t-shirt on a crucifix I guess that makes me a cross-dresser
  5. Dad, what is a cross-dresser? Ask your mother, he knows.
  6. How did the cross-dresser rob the bank? By making a Trans-action
  7. What do you call a guy who only wears a loincloth and a crown of thorns? A cross-dresser
  8. Why can't cross-dressers and Slavs stay on beat? They're always Russian or Dragging
  9. What do you call a cabinet that wears clothes? A dresser
  10. I've never seen a cross dresser. But I've seen some very irritated credenzas,
  11. Why are gay guys such good dressers? Because they spend so much time in the closet.
  12. I make rabbit tuxedos for a living. I'm a hare-dresser.
  13. Where does a rabbit go for a trim? To the hare dresser.
  14. What do you call cross dressers with breast implants? Booby traps.
  15. I told my tallboy that men's clothes don't suit him. Now he's a cross dresser.

Cross Dresser Jokes

Here is a list of funny cross dresser jokes and even better cross dresser puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • after the invisible man had kids he became a cross dresser. You could say he was a... trans parent
  • What do you call a cross dresser who's job is to travel from the UK to the US? Transatlantic
  • How long does it take a cross dresser to get to the ground if they jump out of a plane? Depends on the drag coefficient
  • What do you call it when you have a lengthy conversation with a cross dresser? Chewing the trans fat.
  • I opened a store that sells waistcoats and spandex for cross-dressers. I call it trans vest tights .
  • I'm going to open a clothing store for cross dressers and name it... Let Me Be Frank.
  • How many cross-dressers live near Manchester? Well, nearly 320,000 people round there have a Wigan address.
  • What kind of plantation do cross-dressers work on? Transplantation.
  • What does a male-to-female cross-dresser do on his/her birthday? Eat, drink, and be Mary.
  • My boyfriend said that he wanted to get into my pants. Turns out he's a cross-dresser.

Hair Dresser Jokes

Here is a list of funny hair dresser jokes and even better hair dresser puns that will make you laugh with friends.

  • If you ask your hair dresser for the Zooey Deschanel... You're really just getting more bang for your buck.
  • A priest, an astronaut, and a hair dresser walk into the bar The bartender looks up and says "What is this, a joke?"
  • Bob was feeling lonely one day and he goes to the hair dresser Just so somebody would play with his hair.
Dresser joke, Bob was feeling lonely one day and he goes to the hair dresser

Dresser joke, Bob was feeling lonely one day and he goes to the hair dresser

Cheerful Fun Dresser Jokes for Lovely Laughter

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Why did the Polish man think his wife was plotting to m**... him?

He found a bottle of polish remover on her dresser

How do you contact a cross dresser?


If you throw a party how do you know Mrs. Elephant is in her period?

Your mattress is missing and, theirs a quarter on the dresser.

Why did the German get their tailor and their barber mixed up?

They call their tailor Herr Dresser

My Neighbor's House

Based on the sounds coming from my neighbors house, they're either having amazing sεx or putting together a dresser from Ikea.

My mother once said to me,

"Son, I'm not always going to be around to watch you. So if you decide to take drugs, just leave the money on my dresser."

what did the ram say when his mom found drugs in his dresser drawer?

I learned it from watching ewe!

What's another name for an angry t**...?

A cross dresser.

h**... Lee

When you put your church clothes on, that makes you a cross dresser

After an hour long fight, my wife burst into tears when I grabbed her fancy new underwear from the dresser and threw it in the coffee grinder.

There's no use crying over milled silk.

Not my p**...

A wife goes on a retreat for work.
When she returns, she finds a pair of p**... in her dresser that do not belong to her.
Furious, she questions her husband.
The husband says, "I have no idea where they came from I don't do the laundry!"
So, the wife goes to the maid and questions her.
Indignant, the maid replies, "Madam, how should I know? These p**... don't belong to me. I don't even wear p**... just ask your husband!"

What's a cowlick?

Dad: Son, your hair dresser does such a good job even with your cowlick as crazy as it is
Son: What's a cowlick?
Dad: Whatever it wants.
Son: what?
Dad: ...
My dad made this joke when I was around 10 and I didn't understand it until I was around 16...and I asked him about it every once in a while and he pretended he had no idea what I was talking about...really played the long con there....I can't wait for my kids to ask me about a cowlick...


My sister has always been fascinated with cell biology and she moved across state to attend a better college, moving her into her dorm we moved a dresser to benefit the small space she had and in doing so she dropped it on my foot. I yelled out MITOSIS!
(This is my first original joke be gentle)

I just broke the mirror that sits above my dresser. Now I'm supposed to have 7 years of bad luck!

The good news is my lawyer thinks he can get me off with only 5.

So I just saw on the news that a Frenchman wearing ladies underwear, exposed himself to a field hockey team. I guess you could say that he's...

... a Lacrosse Dresser.

A man walked into a bar

A man walks into a bar with a newt on his shoulder.
The bartender says "what a strange pet, what's his name?"
"Tiny" the man replies
"What an odd name, why do you call him tiny?"
"Because he's my newt"

Thank you you can put my award on the dresser by the skirt.....

A guy walks into a bar

A guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. "I was snooping around in my wife's dresser drawers while she was gone over the weekend on a 'business trip' and you won't believe what I found. A whip, a mask and handcuffs! Do you know what this means???" he exclaims to the bartender. "My wife is a super hero!"

Dresser joke, My wife told me she couldn't stay married to a cross dresser.

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