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You ever get laid in a sleeping bag?

It's awful. You can't even move, you're drenched in sweat and the scout master is covering your mouth.


Paddy and Mick are watching football at Mick's house

Mick looks out the window, and it's pissing rain out. He says to Paddy "sure stay the night here, I'll go up and make a bed for you".

When he gets back downstairs, Paddy is drenched to the bone. Mick says "what in the hell happened to you?

Paddy replied" I went home for me pajamas"


Attempted theft of my motorcycle

I've just pulled up on my driveway to see some thieving lowlife leg it and jump over my back fence. Think the piece of shit was after the bike!

My wife must have put up a good fight though because she's lost most of her clothes, is drenched in sweat and can hardly walk.


What do you call a dog drenched in bleach?

A basic bitch.

Thank you.


A man is dancing with a woman in a ballroom. (Soviet Joke)

He suddenly ran out to the balcony. When he came back, he was drenched.
His dancing partner asked him, "Are you wet because of the rain?"
"No," He replied, "It was the wind."


Did you hear about the feminist remake of Stephen King's Carrie?

When Carrie gets drenched in blood, she runs home from the prom and writes an angry Tumblr post about how triggered she is.


To me, sex is a lot like pizza...

mostly enjoyed by myself, drenched in shame.


I like my women like I like my underwear

Drenched in blood and feces.


I like my women like I like my coffee

Scalding hot and drenched all over my penis in the McDonald's parking lot.


I had a wet dream about my mother in law ...

... I woke up with my pyjamas drenched in night sweat


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