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Two German spies came to English pub during WW II.

One German said to another: "Be careful. Let's pretend that we are British. We should order martini this time, not schnaps". So they requested barman for two martinies.

- Dry martini? - asked barman.
- Warum drei? Zwei!

"Un, deux, trois, quatre", radioed the French ship...

...before it cinq.

"Eins, zwei, drei", radioed the German ship vierlessly, but then silence.

"Uno, dos", radioed the Spanish ship, and then disappeared without a tres.

"One," radioed the British ship before it went two.

"Oh," radioed the American sub. "I guess we won"

I'm looking for a "rule of three" type joke for some German friends

I hear they like drei humour

Drei joke, I'm looking for a "rule of three" type joke for some German friends

Why was the German baker upset about his third cake of the day?

It was a little drei!

Three cats are competing in a race.

There's an American cat named "One Two Three," a German cat named "Ein Zwei Drei," and a French cat named "Un Deux Trois." The cats all swim across a lake. The American cat finishes first, the German cat finishes second, but the French cat is nowhere to be found.


Because the un deux trois quatre cinq.

Three cats are crossing a river.

One of them is called "One Two Three"
The second is called " Un deux trois"
The third is called "Ein zwei"
What is the order of them crossing?

So One Two Three gets to the other side first because the Un Deux Trois cat sank.

But the Ein Zwei cat is still drei because it has a vier of the water.

Not my own joke, just added the extra cat.

over the The next 3 months, there's going to be a drought in Germany

Definitely looks like a Drei season

Drei joke, over the The next 3 months, there's going to be a drought in Germany

Why is every 3rd pool in Germany empty?


When telling a joke to a German, it's very important to remember the rule of three.

They have a very drei sense of humor.

What do you call three Trumpies?

Drei rot.

Why did the German girl count to three, then cry?

Because her boyfriend was going in *drei*.

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