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Top 10 Funniest Dreadful Jokes and Puns

Have you heard about the shampoo crisis in jamaica?

It's dreadful

I went to a party and all the party games were dreadful, they resorted to the Limbo for entertainment

Like seriously, how low can you go?

"Mildred, are you putting on weight?"

Lady of the House, "Mildred, are you putting on weight?"
Maid, "Well, to tell you the truth Madam, I am pregnant." Lady, "OH DEAR! How ever did you get your self in such condition?"
Maid, "Well Madam it started when I ordered a vibrator through the mail."
Lady, "Goodness! You didn't use that dreadful thing did you?"
Maid, "No Madam, the mail man talked me out of it."

Dreadful joke, "Mildred, are you putting on weight?"

An Englishman, a Scotsman and an Irishman each order a pint. Just then, a fly drops in each of their Guinness.

The Englishman says: "How dreadful. Barkeep, take this pint back at once, I couldn't possibly touch it, it has a fly in it!"

The Scotsman says: "Ach, it's nae so bad!" and flicks the fly out with the back of his hand and chugs his beer.

The Irishman gingerly picks up the fly by the wing, gives the fly a little wiggle and says: "You spit that out! You spit that out!"

I went to a lame reggae concert once

It was dreadful

My dog kept me awake all night.

Dreadful diarrhoea.

Don't think I cooked him properly.

I went to a Rastafari's funeral last night…

It was dreadful.

Dreadful joke, I went to a Rastafari's funeral last night…

A Jamaican went to the barber.

It was a dreadful experience.

Ever hear about the shampoo shortage in Jamaica?

It was dreadful.

A man walks into a bar located at the lowest point on earth near the dead sea

some 420m below sea level. He orders a drink and then tells an absolutely dreadful joke, but the bartender laughs heartily anyway, because the bar has been set low for this joke

I always hate going to my Rastafarian friends house

its dreadful

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A man went to the doctor's in an awful state. Cuts and bruises to his face and a suspected broken arm.

What happened to you? asked the doctor.

It's my wife, she had one of her dreadful nightmares.

Do you mean she did this to you while she was asleep?

Oh no, doctor, it was when she shouted out in her sleep, 'Quick, get out, my husband's coming home,' that, without thinking, I jumped out of the window.

Did you hear about the Bob Marley impersonator?

He's dreadful.

Why did the Rastafarian change his hair style?

Because it was dreadful.

I went to a Jamaican hairdresser once

It was dreadful

Did you guys hear about striking women?

I think it's dreadful, nobody should be striking women.

Dreadful joke, Did you guys hear about striking women?

Today I was given a box of Jamaican hair extensions....

It was dreadful

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