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  1. Who's this Rorschach dude? And why is he so good at drawing pictures of my mom beating me?
  2. My friend tries to impress girls by drawing realistic pictures of the Ford F-150. He is a pick up artist.
  3. Since passing my art exam, I've become very patronizing. If you don't know what that means, I'll draw you a picture.
  4. I was stalked for hours by a creepy dude who kept following me everywhere and drawing pictures of me He was really sketching me out.
  5. Does anyone know who this rorshach guy is? He wont stop drawing pictures of my parents fighting
  6. Who was this Rorschach guy and why was he so obsessed with drawing pictures of my parents fighting?
  7. Did you hear about the artist who only draws pictures of large crowds staring at her? She's been drawing a lot of attention.
  8. Do I have to draw you a picture? I said I'm tired of you always taking everything so figuratively.
  9. Have you guys ever heard of this artist Rorschach? All he does is draw pictures of d**.... Over and over and over.
  10. I think the voice AI on my graphics tablet is broken I say "c**...-a-doodle-do" and it draws me a dirty picture

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  1. If someone draws pictures of Eminem for a living. Are they a professional martial artist?
  2. A man approached me, asking if he could draw a picture of me. He sketched me out.
  3. How many plates do you need to draw a picture? Tenplates
  4. Chuck Norris is allowed to draw pictures of Mohammad.
  5. So who is this "Rorschach" guy... ...And why does he love drawing pictures of n**... men?

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A little girl was drawing a picture of Jonah inside the whale in class...

Her teacher asked her "What's that?"
"It's Jonah inside the belly of the whale from the Bible." She replied
The teacher, an atheist, told her "You know that didn't really happen."
She kept drawing "When I get to heaven I'll just ask Jonah."
"What if he's not in heaven? The teacher admonished.
The girl, still drawing "Then you ask him"

A psychiatrist was testing a patient's personality. He drew a circle on a paper.

And asked the patient, What does this remind you of?
The patient answered, s**....
The shrink drew a square and asked again, What does this remind you of?
s**..., the patient replied.
Then the doctor drew a triangle.
It reminds me of s**..., the patient stated.
You seem to be obsessed with s**..., the shrink told the patient.
*I'm* obsessed with s**...? *You're* the one who's drawing the dirty pictures!

I don't know who this Rorschach guy is, but he is really good at drawing pictures of my disappointed father.

Credit to one of the writers of the Daily Show when I saw him do stand up, but I don't remember the name.

The pickup artist

A single guy walks into a bar and orders a beer. "You know, despite being known as a pickup artist I haven't had any luck with the ladies lately," he complains to the bartender. "It's probably because you spend all your time over there in a booth drawing pictures of F-150s," the bartender says.

A man took a woman out for dinner...

but she didn't speak a word of English. They were having a great time, though, feeding each other, flirting, touching and giggling. After the meal is over, the woman draws a picture of a bed on a napkin and gives a sly wink. The man still can't figure out how she knew he was in the furniture business.
The comments in another thread were slamming Readers Digest jokes, and that's where this one came from.

My little boy was drawing pictures.

I thought I'd give him a hand, so I drew a picture of a deer. 'What's that, Son?' 'Don't know, Dad.' I drew antlers on it to make it easier. 'What's that, Son?' 'Don't know, Dad.' 'You see them out in the forest'. 'Don't know, Dad.' 'Rhymes with 'beer'. You know, beer like your Dad drinks.' 'Don't know, Dad.' Final attempt. 'Your Mom calls your Dad one.' 'Oh, I know! It's a drunken b**...!'

An Artist Gets Mugged...

He goes to the police and draws them a picture.
The policeman says "That's a good picture, we could nail the guy with that."
"I dunno.." Says the rookie besides him. "It seems a bit sketchy."

A girl in art class

A little girl was in art class. The teacher walked up to her and asked: What are you drawing? The little girl replied I'm drawing a picture of God. But nobody knows what God looks like! The teacher said. They will in a minute. the girl replied

One day Pablo Picasso returned to his workshop and saw a thief running out...

When the gendarmerie came to investigate, Picasso told them that he could draw a picture of the man. Armed with his drawing, the gendarmes quickly arrested a three-legged dog, a letter box, and the Eiffel Tower.

A man witnesses a m**...

The police bring him in to a sketch artist, the sketch artist asks him questions about the m**... until he finishes his drawing. The sketch artist then asks the man "does this look like the m**...?" the man replies with "it's an awful good drawing and all, but it looks nothing like the picture I took".

The street magician

A street magician pulls out a deck of cards and asks a bystander to pick a card and memorize it. The magician then draws a card facing away so he can't see it and has his participant memorize that too. He shuffles the deck, cuts it, and pulls the card on top and asks "Is this your card?" The amazed participant replies "yes!" So the magician pulls the card on the bottom and asks "is this my card?" To which a now confused participant says "No, that's just a picture of... My coat?" The magician responds
"Oh s**... I did it wrong. That's your cardigan"

Jazz hands

Worker one: why does j**... the maintenance guy always do jazz hands after hes finished looking inside the copy machine?
Worker two: is part of his routine maintenance
(I wanted to do this joke as a picture but im lazy and bad at drawing, also sorry for the bad joke)

Who is this Rorschach guy?

And why does he keep drawing pictures of me r**... small animals?

The blob.

A child in class, when asked to draw a picture of the Holy Family, produced a picture in which Mary and the baby sat on a recognisably donkeyish steed, led by Joseph. on the ground nearby lay a black blob. 
"What is that?" asked the teacher. "The flea," answered the artist. 
"What flea, dear?" asked the puzzled teacher. 
"The one the Angel told Joseph to take." 
Eventually, puzzled but not liking to challenge an imaginative child, the teacher checked out her Bible. And there it was : Matthew 2:13 "......the angel of the Lord saying, Arise, and take the young child and his mother, and flee into Egypt..........."

The little boy runs up to his father and asks him, "Dad, what's s**...'?"

His father was obviously more than a little taken aback up this question, but he figures to himself that if his 4 year old is old enough to ask it then he deserves a proper explanation.
So he seats him down next to him and gives him the whole deal - drawings, pictures from the Internet on his phone, etc.
Meanwhile, the son appears to be getting more and more confused. Finally, when the father thinks he's done, he stops and asks, "All right, my boy. Now, do you have any questions?"
The son shakes his head hesitantly, still a little taken aback by all that he's been told.
"Oh by the way," the father continues. "Where'd you hear the word from?"
The son replies, "Mom said that dinner would be ready in a coupla secs."

It's Fathers Day At Kindergarten And All the Kids Are Supposed To Make Cards... (Fixed) drawing a picture of their father at work.
Teacher asks, "Logan, what does your father do?"
"My dad's a cop. I'm gonna draw him catching a bad guy."
Then the teacher asks, "Briei, what does your father do?"
Briei says, "My dad's a writer. I'm going to draw him with his new book."
Teacher gets to Little Johnny. "And what does your father do, Johnny?" The teacher looks at the card and is surprised to see it's a picture of a man stripping at a gay bar! Knowing better the teacher asks why he lied Little Johnny says, "My dad's the quarterback for The Vikings but i'm too embarrassed to tell that..."
The teacher faints.