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My GF said she's leaving me because of my obsession with TV Dramas. But will she really leave me?...

Find out next week!

I left my wife for the same reason I left Netflix...

Too many period dramas.

I've never been a fan of dramas.

But the series finale of America is intense!

Courtroom Dramas....

.....are lawsome.

I like musical dramas.

They really strike a chord with me.

What do you call it when a person falls ill from watching too many BBC period dramas?

Downton Syndrome

Soon Hollywood will only be made up of women filmmakers...

...and the only movies to watch will be period dramas.

Legendary actor Morgan Freeman dead

-on when it comes to narrating historical dramas.

My girlfriend said that she's leaving me because of my obsession with TV dramas

But will she really leave me ?...
...Find out next week!

What do you call a German theatre that only does suspenseful dramas and plays?

The Gasp Chamber

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