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Dramatic Arts

Little Charlie has had his dreams set on becoming an actor, and, finally, he lands a part in the school play. He runs home after school to tell his dad. "That's fantastic!" his father replies. "Who do you play?" he asks. "Dad, I play a guy who's been married for twenty years!" His dad plants a hand on Charlie's shoulder, smiling sweetly, and says, "Maybe next time you'll get a speaking part."

All this drama in the world. Makes me want to watch a nice light movie.

You know... Like Armageddon.

Dramatic performance

I once had a dramatic performance on the subject of puns, but then I realized it was just a play on words.

What is the most dramatic type of Sandwich?


Why did DRAM flunk his math test?

Because he was SODIMM.


My girlfriend say she loves me. Then she says she hates me. Then she says she loves me. I told her to stop being so palindramatic.

I saw a dramatic comedy about a guy with PbA.

The plot was confusing... I didn't know whether to laugh or cry..

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