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I heard that drake insists on lavender scented condoms...

...So his farts don't stink

What's the deal with Drake, first he was an actor now a rapper?

Must have been all degrassi was smoking.

I'll let myself out.

Chris Rock and Drake Bell should make a Christmas special together, about making a song for a product...

...and call it "Jingle Bell Rock."

Drake joke, Chris Rock and Drake Bell should make a Christmas special together, about making a song for a produc

PSA for singles on Valentines Day: Don't Drake and drive.

You will end up at your ex's house.

What do you call a black guy that can't rap


Did you hear about the new Drake Beats Headphones?

The softest headphones out there.

What did Drake Bell say to Batman?

Sorry, still calling you Bruce!
I found this on Facebook somewhere; I dunno who to get credit to.

Drake joke, What did Drake Bell say to Batman?

Why didn't Drake head on down to South Park?

He would never leave his woes behind.

If Drake owned a breakfast cereal franchise, what would it be called?

OV O's!

Why did Bobby Drake bail on his wedding?

He had cold feet.

What do you call it when Drake suicides?

Jumpman, jumpman, jumpman, jumpman

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Why does Drake hate summer?

Because you start wearing less and going out more

Why would Drake make a good Dothraki?

He's from Degrassi.

Drake like his women like...

I like my Mustang... 47 years old.

I heard Bobby Drake was leaving Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters.

I guess he was just too cool for school.

How do you make a duck wrap?

Stick it in the studio with Drake

Drake joke, How do you make a duck wrap?

What laptop does Drake use?

A LenOVO...

I couldn't think of a way to make a Drake and Josh joke sound simple

But I found a way

What do you call a duck that can't sing?


Why is Drake such a good chemist?

He can turn an O2 into an O3

When Drake gets cocky, he calls me so I can hit him with a one-liner insult to keep him humble...

I'm his Hotline Zing!

Can't decide which song is better at the minute...

Arctic Monkeys "Four Out Of Five", or Drake "8 out of 10"...

To all those considering doing the "Kiki Challenge" please remember...

You should never Drake and drive

What song did Drake make after going to the dentist to fix a cavity?

In My Fillings.

Drake must miss being on tv

Because he seems to be auditioning for How to Catch a Predator

On a scale of 1-10

Drake chose Eleven

The only kids drake doesnt want to be around

Are his own

Come on Drake, Hitting on Millie Bobby Brown?

She's only Eleven.

The bottom of a child's pants


Drake said he started from the bottom...

What's Drake doing on his birthday?

An 18 year old.

Why did Drake go to jail when he released his album "Views?"

Because everyone agreed that he killed all the tracks.

For centuries, scientists said Drake and Josh couldn't come to Hulu or Netflix

But they found a way, they found a way

I'll say this about Drake

Most rappers date nines and tens, but he goes to Eleven

Why does Kidz Bop cover Drake songs?

Because Drake's girlfriends have to have a age appropriate way to listen to his songs.

Poker game

I was playing poker with my friends Robin and Drake and some of their distant cousins.

There was this one chick who won almost every hand.

I can't be sure but I suspect fowl play.

When Cannibals Attack

When cannibals attacked the AMAs, why were Eminem, Kendrick Lamar and Drake spared?

You're not supposed to eat the rappers.

(I literally dreamt this joke)

Miss Drake, can I go to the bathroom? I need to piss.

"Billy, we don't say piss. We say urinate. Do you understand?"

"Yes, Miss Drake."

"Very well. Now use the word urinate in a sentence."

"Miss Drake, urinate, but if you had any tits you'd be a ten."

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