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Top 10 Funniest Dragon Breath Jokes and Puns

There I was, risking my life to save my girlfriend from a fire-breathing dragon!! And all she had to say was..

"You have a drug problem."

My poor town

Was attacked years ago by a terrible fire breathing dragon. Only one person made it out alive, unfortunately it was the village idiot...

What did the mystical fire breathing beast say when he was really tired getting out of bed?

"Man, I'm really dragon this morning!"

What do you get when you mix a cat and a fire-breathing dragon?

a nice cat

Me: "How much for the baby dragon?"

Pet store clerk: "Sir, that's a lizard."

Me: *not listening* "When do they start breathing fire?"

Why did the dragon breathe fire in the house?

Because the lights were burnt out.

*My 3 year old son came up with this while I was playing dungeon and dragons*

Not just Daenerys, Elon Musk also has Dragons

But they breath fire from behind.

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