Dr Seuss Jokes

What are some Dr Seuss jokes?

If Dr. Seuss were a convict (poem)

What's this in my hand?
Behind your back?
It's soap on a a rope!
Whack whack whack!

What's this in my sock?
Tick tock, knock knock.
A large steel lock!
Chock chock chock!

What's this in my breeches?
I heard that you blab..
Snitches get stitches!
Stab stab stab!!

What did Dr. Seuss call the book he wrote about Star Wars?

The Cat in the AT-AT

Dr Seuss cheated on his wife and she ended up killing herself.

One wife, two wife, dead wife, new wife

What is Dr. Seuss' favorite play?

Green Eggs and Hamlet

What do you call a magician in a Dr. Seuss book?


What did the woman say after having sex with Dr. Seuss?

He put his wocket in my pocket!

My wife asked me to put away the Dr. Seuss books

yeah, it is kind of annoying but if I don't do it then who ville?

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