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What's the difference between Donald and a piece of fruit?

Oranges have thick skin.

Let the downvotes fly, people! You've only got one!

I said this when I was 6, and everyone laughed

Two twins came to our house one day, and I kept calling them the wrong names (they were their names, but I said Harry to Thomas and vice-versa)

My dad came to me and said 'can't tell them apart, can ya?'

'No dad, I can't tell 'em together!'

(Waits for downvotes)

I overheard some guy tell his sweet, old grandmother a joke about click-bait at her deathbed. What happened to her as a result will change your life forever!

Nothing. Absolutely nothing happened.

Stop clicking on click-bait!

(note/edit/whatever: I know this joke is a big gamble in terms of possible downvotes, but I just made it up and thought it was too good to not share with at least 1 person that might like it. Happy belated Halloween. I guess I chose trick.).

Downvotes joke, I overheard some guy tell his sweet, old grandmother a joke about click-bait at her deathbed. What h

How do ghosts obtain money?

Via a polterheist. Ouch, the downvotes!

Do you know the most outstanding thing about our illegal immigrants?

Their warrants.

(Here come the down-votes!)

What do you call a chicken that is a ghost?

a poultrygeist

Ill be taking my downvotes in advance thanks

What's a Jewish dilemma?

Free bacon.

Let the downvotes rain down on me.

Downvotes joke, What's a Jewish dilemma?

First bad joke

I took part in the sun tanning Olympics

But I only got bronze

give me downvotes

Why was the archaeologist sad?

Because his career was in ruins!!

Give me your downvotes; I AM FUELED BY YOUR DOWNVOTES!!!!

In what body of water did Hitler keep his string?

The Knot seas

Bring on the downvotes!

What did the apple say to the pear?

No idea. I figured if anyone knew what fruits talked about it would be you.

Aaaannnd here come the downvotes...

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True jokes

Malaysian politics.
Malaysian prime minister.
Malaysian election 2018

_now ready for downvotes

Why doesn't Coffee get along with milk in Germany?

Cause it doesn't want to be latte.

Sorry. I just came up with this lame joke. Downvotes ahoy!

I now know why i get so many downvotes..

Apparantly I'm a huge sensation in Australia!

What's the biggest cause of child molesting?

Sexy kids. (Prepares for downvotes 🙄)

Why is Putin never late?

Because he's Russian!

Yes I know, give me all the downvotes

Downvotes joke, Why is Putin never late?

How does EA have 700,000 downvotes?

What do you call a vegetable who want to be a ginger?

A Trans-ginger.

Downvotes are welcome too.

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