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I downloaded a Lego app today.

It bricked my phone.


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Parents are worried about two things these days

1. What their sons download

2. What their daughters upload

Download joke, Parents are worried about two things these days

Free doughnuts

I went to Krispy Kreme for talk like a pirate day to get a free doughnut. I looked the cashier in the face and told her I used the free WiFi to download [insert popular movie name here]. They gave me free doughnuts for 25 to life.

Yo mamma so fat...

When you download a picture of her at work, the IT department thinks they're under a DDoS attack.

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Internet Explorer is actually my favorite browser..

To download other browsers with

Abraham Lincoln, 1863

-Morgan Freeman

Download joke, Internet Explorer is actually my favorite browser..

Ever since I've downloaded Adblock, all the single girls in my area seem to have lost interest...

I downloaded the Qur'an the other day.... if you like i'll burn you a copy :D

I downloaded corn onto my computer.

It messed up the kernel.

I just opened up Microsoft Edge...

Now I can download Google Chrome in style.

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I exclusively use internet explorer

to download Google chrome.

I downloaded some hymns for my ipod

New praylist.

Girl asked me to netflix and chill, but I download all my movies illegally....

So I was like na, more like pirate and booty.

If someone sends you a link to download the Homer's Iliad, don't download it...

It's full of trojans!!

Download joke, If someone sends you a link to download the Homer's Iliad, don't download it...

Internet Explorer is the best browser...

to download another browser.

I tried to download Ford Racing 2 today...

It crashed.

I just downloaded a video of Luis Suarez's best moments

It was three mega bites

I just downloaded more RAM...

...but I still can't play No Man's Sky.

I downloaded sandstorm simulator 2016 yesterday

You can ride horses and wear gas masks. DICE has really outdone themselves.

Maybe It's You

The debut album from the literal chorus of Taylor Swift exes.
Available for download from iTunes soon.

The president of EA walks into a bar

For $2 you can download the punchline

I tried to download an ATV.

But it was a bit Buggy.

The director of EA walks into a bar

*Download the punchline for only 4.99*

Where does the computer nerd goes to have a drink?

At the download bar.

I downloaded a scented candle app on my iPhone.

It smells of apple.

How much data do you need to download a bear?

At least a Terrorbyte.

I downloaded Friedrich Nietszche's voice for my navigation system

Now it just tells me to find my own way.

How do you download an elephant?

One byte at a time

Optimist: "This glass is half-full." Pessimist: "This glass is half-empty."

EA Employee: "Download the next half for $9.99!"

Why can't you download anything while inside an armoured vehicle?

Because your internet speeds tank!

I've just downloaded a copy of the Bible from the internet…

When I'd finished, it said, "Saved."

I have been looking for a download of an album I used to have on cassette tape.

Anyone have at link to "Head Cleaner Kit"?

What do you call a small insect that likes to download things illegally off the internet?

A Tor-ant

What's the name of a director whose movies you can only download?

Quentin Torrentino

I downloaded an app that I thought would help me find great sandwiches...

Turns out that's not what Grinder is for. I still got a footlong, though.

Internet explorer is the best web browser

For when you need to download Chrome and Firefox.

I downloaded a book on Ethics from the PirateBay

I hadn't gotten to that chapter yet

Apple is reportedly buying Shazam for some $400m.

Couldn't they just download it from the App Store for free?

I got a Kindle for Christmas that only lets me download modern sociology audiobooks.

I think it speaks volumes on todays society.

ELI5: Why are download speeds so much faster than upload speeds?

Is it because of gravity?

Microsoft released Microsoft Edge for iOs and Android

You finally have the #1 browse to download real browsers now for mobile.

My sex life just got a whole lot better...

Frontier increased my download speed from 1.5Mbs to 15.

I downloaded this new app. It's great, it tells you what to wear, what to eat, what's unhealthy and if you've put on weight.

It's called the Daily Mail

How wide does the stage need to be at the Download festival?

Depends on the bandwidth.

It is a little risky to download Come Sail Away or Satisfaction from the internet. Turn, Turn, Turn is perfectly safe however.

Styx and Stones may break your phones, but The Byrds will never hurt you.

You wouldn't download a car

Cause trailer are free

What do you call people who download movies in Jamaica?

Pirates of the Caribbean.

Downloaded a new app, forced to wear a Santa costume now for the next two months

Turns out I didn't read the Santa clause.

I downloaded a swearing dictionary from the Pirate Bay and

Received a torrent of abuse.

Why does the EA employee cross the road?

Download the limited DLC to find out !!!

The most important browsers are IE and Edge.

You need them to download Chrome and Firefox.

IΒ΄ve just downloaded the Queen movie, Bohemian Rhapsody!

I think it was filmed in a cinema though, as I see a little silhouetto of a man.

Just downloaded a pirate copy of Bohemian Rhapsody...

The quality was so poor, all I could see was a little silhouette of a man....

Downloaded a bootleg copy of Bohemian Rhapsody. Quality is terrible.

All I can see is a little silhouette-a of a man.

You know, Moses was ahead of his time.

He was the first to download to his tablet from the cloud.

What is the best way to download a YouTube video?

Screenshot each second and play it on PowerPoint

I downloaded all the music to the movie Titanic.

It's syncing now.

What app do you get, when you download instagram a thousand times?


All these "Don't pay too much for [x]" Wikibuy/Honey ads are really convincing.

They convinced me to download Adblocker.

Moses was the first person to:

Download from Cloud onto a Tablet.

I downloaded Chrome on my Samsung Smart Fridge.

It became an oven.

You kids have it easy with your convenient music streaming services and your smartphones. When we were teenagers, if we wanted to listen to an album by our favourite Australian alt rockers, we had to download it from Napster and put it on a CD ourselves.

We were burning the Midnight Oil.

I never understood why people hate Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge so much

I am always able to flawlessly download the Firefox Installer using them.

Why did the skeleton download Tinder?

He wanted to get boned.

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