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Top 10 Funniest Downer Jokes and Puns

I was once kicked out of fat camp

for being a little debbie downer.

I didn't have any candy at Halloween...

So I gave out my antidepressants.

It made the kids happy, but it was a real downer for me.

You know Darth Vader actually did get married.

Even though he's kind of a downer she's much more uplifting… her name is Ella

Having a 3rd chromosome....

Is a real downer.

Doctor told my wife and I that our baby has an extra chromosome...

What a downer.

Diet Downer

I'm not vegetarian because I love animals. I'm vegetarian because I hate vegetables.

What do you call a pessimistic cupcake?

A Little Debbie downer.


With my wisdom teeth gone, I was hoping of getting a bit of a high, but all it did was relieve pain.

well that was a "downer"

What did you call 47 upset chromosomes?

A downer with a frowner.

Yes I'm going to helll for thinking this is funny, and even more so because I just made it up!

Why don't you go to a disabled person's funeral?

It's always a downer.

What do you call a depressed midget named Debra who likes to eat a lot of zebra cakes?

A Little Debbie Downer

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