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A man and his boss are playing golf...

one weekend when a funeral procession goes past. The man takes off his hat and stands silently with eyes downcast. He doesn't move until the procession is out of sight. The man's boss, an elderly gentleman, approves. "You don't often see respect like that much among you young folk these days" he says as they resume their game.
"Well, I thought it was only right." Replies the man. "After all, we'd been married for ten years."

A sick old man is lying on a hospital bed when his doctor walks into the room

"I have some bad news..." he began. "We've run some tests, and we think you may have both Alzheimer's *and* cancer..."

The old man looked downcast and sighed. "Well," he said, "at least I don't have Alzheimer's."

George Burns

In his later years, the comedian George Burns was being interviewed by a shapely female journalist.

FJ: Mr. Burns, is it true that at your age, you still smoke six cigars every day?

GB: (eyes downcast) Yes, it's true.

FJ: And is it true you drink 3 or 4 martinis every day?

GB: Yes, that's true.

FJ: And is it true that you still chase after women half your age?

GB: Yes, I do.

FJ: What does your doctor have to say about all this?

GB: He's dead.

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