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What do you call a woman who fell off a cliff?

Eileen Dover...

Did you hear Ben Dover has a sister?

Yeah, her name is Ilene Dover

The woman that fell off the cruise ship has been named

Eileen Dover

On a good day, you can see France from Dover

But on a perfect day you can't!

Good names

Barry McCockinner
Ben Dover
Eileen Dover
Dr. Hugh G. Rection

Give me other ones

Did you hear about the gay Irish Dentists?

Ben Dover and Phil Mcavity!

So Stan,Ben and Phil walked into a bar

Bartender says, Mr Dup, Mr Dover and Mr McGroin! What can I get for ya?

Have you read the book Grand Canyon mishap?

It was written by Illen Dover and Phil Lin.

A book about a woman's fall

The Final Fall by Eileen Dover

The stormy seafarer

One stormy evening, a seafarer was thrown overboard whilst passing through the strait of Dover. As luck would have it, the ocean currents pulled him unconscious to the English coastline, where he was found and revived by a man adorned in a cape, deerstalker hat and smoking a pipe.

When coming to and looking up, bleary eyed at the great, chalky White cliffs before him. The man exclaimed "What on earth is that wonderful rock formation", and his saviour replied "why, it's sedimentary my dear flotsam".

new book out: "How I Fell Off a Cliff" by Eileen Dover

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My favorite book as a child was...

...'I Fell Off Mt Everest' by Eileen Dover.

Did you hear the one about the cow farm on the White Cliffs of Dover?

You should have, It's a ledge end dairy place

There's Ben Dover and Mike Hunt.

Then there's William Shatner.

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