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For anybody who doesn't believe vaccines cause autism...

My Douglas was vaccinated and is now nearly five years old. He has still not learned to speak a single word, cannot dress himself and is not even able to use the toilet.

Don't let vaccines ruin your dog's life too.

What did Douglas Adams say after he finished writing the first chapter of The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy?

Ah, I've finally put a dent in that book.

You can't be woke all the time.

Even Fredrick Douglas wore cotton.

My friend told me he is attracted to Christmas trees and people in animal costumes

He identifies as a douglas furry

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what do you call a man:

-with a shovel?

-without a shovel?

-in the bushes?

-floating in the ocean?

-with a gun?

What do you call a woman:

-with one leg?

What do you call a fast food company that also manufactures airliners?

McDonald's Douglas

Did you hear about the guy who lost his shovel?

His name was Douglas

Douglas joke, Did you hear about the guy who lost his shovel?

Why did Abe Lincoln and Stephen Douglas get thrown out of the church?

Because they were caught mass debating in the bathroom.

Douglas was a grave digger but he fell into a grave and died.

I guess he Doug his own grave.

Flying is like throwing yourself at the ground...

...and miss.

Quote by Douglas Adams.

What do you call a man holding a shovel?


What do you call the same man without a shovel?


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Two English men were debating the titles of their forefathers that had been passed down as their fantastic and very aptly regal Surnames.....

"Books has been our history! Books are our pride! Books for ever!" Said Mr. Henry Wordsworth.

"Pottery is our soul... Pottery is our pride! Pottery is the best!" Said Mr. Douglas Potter.

....but neither of them could look on towards the men of the men himself....


Douglas Adams on "How to Leave the Planet"

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