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Top 10 Funniest Douchebag Jokes and Puns

What do burnt pizza, frozen beer and a pregnant chick have in common?

Some douchebag forgot to pull it out in time.

How to spot a douchebag in the gym?

Really bad so he hurts himself.

Dane Cook Karen joke

Karen, is ALWAYS a douchebag.

What is a female " Douchebag" in France called??

A douche-baguette

Santa Claus is a douchebag...

He made my wife sit on his lap, asked if she's been naughty this year then laughed and repeatedly called her a ho.

My douchebag nephew puts on loads of deodorant and I have a hard time understanding him.

He has too strong of an axe scent.

I had a douchbag whale as a flatmate once...

I had this douchebag whale as a flatmate once. He was really messy and never paid rent. Eventually the time came where I thought enough was enough and told him to leave, but, stubborn as he was, that didn't really work at all. So I hatched a plan. Late at night, when he was asleep, I secretly attached some wheels to his belly and pushed him out the door and back into the ocean and this time it worked wheely whale.

Douchebag joke, I had a douchbag whale as a flatmate once...

Dude, I totally found this software that like teaches people to speak like a total douchebag in dozens of different languages. Super rad...

It's called Brosetta Stone.

What did the hobbits call the douchebag Ents that missed the battle to take selfies?


A douchebag dies of food poisoning.

Why? Bad korma.

What is the catchphrase of a douchebag magician?


I'll show myself out...

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How do you catch a Douchebag?


How to tell your boss is a douchebag

I thought it was a very nice gesture of my coworkers when my Dad passed to circulate a card. Then I opened it... all I could do was laugh. What an asshat.

Know how to say douchebag in Italian?


Did you see that one episode of Friends ?

You know, where Ross acts like a douchebag and Rachel's nipples are hard.

You ever look at someone and think Wow. This guys a total douchebag. ?

This is why a stopped looking at mirrors.

Douchebag joke, You ever look at someone and think  Wow. This guys a total douchebag. ?

You are such a douchebag...

That your favorite potato chip flavor is salt n vinegar and all you have to get is salted chips.

What did the douchebag say to the chemist when he dropped his beaker?

U mad scientist?

What does a jock douchebag and a strict catholic have in common?

They're both obsessed with their mass every day.

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