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What Size Underwear Do Feminists Wear?

#Double Standard.

I hate double standards. When a guy hooks up with a lot of girls, he's a player …

But when I do it, I'm a lesbian

Society is full of double standards

For example, when Ariel from The Little Mermaid swims around half naked, singing with her underwater friends, people say that she is "sweet" and "beautiful"

But when I do it, people say that I'm "drunk" and "no longer welcome at the aquarium".

I hate these double standards

If you burn a body at a crematorium, you are doing a good job , but do it at home and you're destroying evidence .

Why is it so hard to get into a relationship with an SJW?

Because they have high double standards.

So my parents were "debating" at the dinner table the other night

Mom: Cougar is the term used to describe an older woman who desires young men. I'm seeing a double standard here. Why isn't there a term for an older man who desires young women? What is he called?

Dad: Smart.

My girlfriend often accuses me of telling sexist, condescending jokes that target women.

I've explained to her those jokes are actually ironic jabs at the current state of post-modern feminism, designed to highlight societal double standards across genders.

So she needn't worry her pretty little head about it.

Double standards are the worst.

I mean, one flag is enough.

Three things I cannot stand:

* stupid people
* judgemental people
* double standards
* people who can't count
* lists
* irony

I hate double standards...

When a girl wears a thong she is called bold and sexy. But when I do it I'm just called drunk and asked to leave Denny's.

So many double standards between men and women nowadays.

When women have sex with men a lot,they get called whores. When I do it I get called gay

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Organ donation has a nasty double standard when it comes to praise.

Some guy donates his kidney, he's praised as a hero. I donate 5, and I get arrested? Double standards smh

Double standards are not fair!

When miley cirus gets naked and licks hammers its beautiful and artistic, but when I do it its weird, creepy and I get a life time ban from Ikea.

When I used to drink alcohol, they called me alcoholic

But now that I've switched to Fanta, why won't they call me Fantastic? Double standards anyone?

On the Duck Dynasty Outrage,....

It's such a double standard.

When a white guy acts bad on TV, people rush to A&E and demand the show is cancelled.

When a black guy acts bad on TV, you don't see people rushing to Fox demanding they cancel COPS.

Standards are good

Double standards are twice as good

I'm sick of the double standard…

When I burn a dead bodies at the mortuary, I'm doing a good job. When I burn dead bodies at home, I'm destroying evidence.

My standards for women are way too high

You could almost say they're... Double standards

What do you call a gangster who believes in double standards?

A hypocrip.

I'm so tired of double standards.

When women have sex with a bunch of guys they're "empowering themselves" or "owning their sexuality".

Meanwhile, if I do the same thing I'm "just some gay guy".

Hypocrite walks into a bar......

"I'll have a standard, please. Make it a double."

Double standards are ridiculous

How is it that when sleeps with loads of women he's a stud, but when a woman does the same thing, she's a lesbian

It's double standards!!!!

When The Hulk goes off into a vicious rage and destroys everything, he's "Incredible."

But when I do it,

I'm, "an alcoholic."

I absolutely despise double-standards...

Except when it's me, then it's okay.

I hate double standards.

Burn a body at a crematorium, you're being a respectful friend. Do it at home and you're destroying evidence.

I hate double standards

When celebrities wear near see-through dresses, they are "chic" and " fashionable", but when I do it I'm "wasting cling wrap" and "ruining Christmas"

American standards have increased so much...

that they are all double standards now

Double Standards [One-Liner]

Sure if a girl wants to be choked it's hot and kinky, but if I want to choke a girl, it's all of a sudden "domestic abuse"

Double standards

If my wife walks into the women's locker room, it's considered okay and normal. If I walk into the women's locker room, I get yelled at and called a "creep" and a "perv".

Why does a bigot have double standards?

If not, he wouldn't have any standards at all.

Have you heard of that family fun game Beat the Parents?

Talk about a double standard.

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