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Top 10 Funniest Dota Jokes and Puns

Why are americans bad at DotA ?

Because they cant defend their towers.

Dota player said LoL sucks

LoL player couldn't deny

Why couldn't the dotard afford a wall?

Because he spent all his money on defence.


A dota2 player and a LoL player walk into a pub...

The Dota2 player says "Dota2 is an objectively better game." The LoL player can't deny.

What's a jewish dota 2 player's favorite skill?

shekel shot

Thanks to DOTA 2 I graduated this year

Without DOTA 2 I would have graduated 2 years ago

I play LoL and a guy says dota is better

I can't deny.

Dota joke, I play LoL and a guy says dota is better

Dota2 Shanghai Major

Said TL; DR in front of Dota fan.

He said " yeah! Team Liquid did right".

Why are Americans bad at DOTA?

They don't know how to protect towers

SD, Luna and 3000 illusions walk into a bar

Thats it, that's the whole joke.

Dota players show yourselves.

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The new Dota 2 patch seems very nutritious..

It contains many new treants.

What did the DotA player say to the Engineer?

"Get a life"

[animation] DotA Leavers Trilogy: Enhanced Edition

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