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What could Dora the Explorer's kids be called?


I know a farmer that grows doritos

It's a cool ranch

What do you call a person who worships Doritos?

A Chipmonk.

Doritos joke, What do you call a person who worships Doritos?

Your mama's so white...

...she thinks Doritos are Mexican food!

We need to re-evaluate our use of the word 'Legendary.' We used to Say it of the person that pulled the sword from the stone.

Now we say it about whoever can find the Doritos.

So I'm sitting in a recliner watching TV naked and eating Doritos, just minding my own business, really.

And then out of nowhere Walmart calls the cops.

Chocolate, icecream, cookies, mars bars, doritos, popcorn, milky ways, kit kats and lays!

i wrote this joke to reach a wider audience.

Doritos joke, Chocolate, icecream, cookies, mars bars, doritos, popcorn, milky ways, kit kats and lays!

A guy approaches the cute cashier at the grocery store...

His basket contains a bag of Doritos, a quart of milk, and one TV dinner.

The cashier looks up and says, "You're single, aren't you?"

"Yeah, how'd you know?"

"Cuz your ugly."

Did you hear Doritos secured an endorsement deal with the Dalai Lama?

He's going to be the Chip-monk

How do you get ten babies in a bowl?

A blender.

How do you get them out?


What do you call Doritos you don't have to pay for?


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What do you call someone who worships Doritos?

A chip monk.

how many marijuana doritos does it take to screw in a legalized lightbulb?

3. 1 to screw in the light bultb. 1 to smok the weed. and 1 to eat all theo CHEEHOTS

Tomorrow's weather forecast for Canada is in, just in time for cannabis legalization

It's going to be cloudy with a chance of Doritos.

My brother got angry after after his bag of Doritos exploded.

He had a real chip on his shoulder.

A serving of Doritos is 11 chips.

Doritos joke, A serving of Doritos is 11 chips.

When people make fun of me being fat

When people make fun of me being fat from eating Doritos, I always tell them "it's nacho business and I refuse to taco about it".

Doritos announced new Pride-Flag inspired rainbow colored tortilla chips

This will be the first time finishing a bag of Doritos has ever been associated with pride.


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