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What's the first place Dora explored?

The mexican border.

Did you hear Dora the Explorer is having trouble with her Tinder account?

Swiper no swiping

What do you call Dora the Explorer in an Iron Man suit?


I'll see myself out.

Dora joke, What do you call Dora the Explorer in an Iron Man suit?

What do you call Dora the Explorer when she is being cute?


What could Dora the Explorer's kids be called?


What do you call a Mexican girl who converts to Islam?

Dora the Exploder

My wife got my daughter a bowl with Dora on it

It's adorable

Dora joke, My wife got my daughter a bowl with Dora on it

A plane was going down

and there were 4 people aboard: The president, the smartest man in the world, an old man, and a little girl. However, there were only 3 parachutes. The president said, "I'm too important to die," and took a parachute and jumped. The smartest man in the world said, "other people will need my smarts," and he also jumped off. The old man said,"you can go, my life is almost over anyway." The girl said," no, we can both go. The smartest man in the world took my Dora backpack."

I took 8 courses of spanish...

...but then they cancelled Dora the Explorer

Did you know Dora the Explorer has a muslim cousin? Her name is Doda

...the Exploder

The beat dropped harder than...

Dora stopped exploring

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I just turned on nickelodeon and saw bob the builder building a wall...

... to keep Dora from exploring.

Everything is so political nowadays

I turned on nickelodeon to see Bob the builder building a wall so Dora couldn't explore.

What does Dora say in Iraq?

Sniper no Sniping

What is the most popular tv show in the middle east?

Dora the Exploder

Dora the Explorer has a little Muslim friend...

Doda the Exploder

Dora joke, Dora the Explorer has a little Muslim friend...

My girlfriend Dora found out I installed Tinder.

She said, "Swiper no swiping!"

College Professors are like Dora The Explorer

They ask a question, stares at the class for a few seconds, and then gives the answer.

What do Dora the Explorer and Internet Explorer have in common?

They both take 20 minutes to perform a simple task.

I recently bought the cutest little soup holding device with a certain Mexican explorer on it.

It was a Dora bowl.

Swiper is unable to steal from Dora The Explorer today, as he has a cold.

"Sniper nose wiping."

what batteries does dora the explorer use?


I just realized today...

that Dora the Explorer came before her cousin Diego. That doesn't happen often.


Parents: We are disappointed in you.

Son: Why?

Parents: Even the map from dora is better than you

Son: How?

Parents: Because he knows where he is going in life.

When life give you Explorer

Make it Dora not Internet.

Dora is always asking where the mountain is...

but she never wants to know how the mountain is 😣

You know how cooing parents call their babies' boots 'booties'?

Does that mean that Dora the Explorer (because she's literally a toddler) 's monkey is called Booty?

Why won't Dora let Swiper on Tinder?

Swiper no swiping.

Yo mama's so fat

Even Dora couldn't explore her

Dora would hate Tinder

...lots of swiping.

If Dora the Explorer were pansexual...

Would that make her Pandora?

(It's a kids show... Let refrain from box jokes in the comments.)

What do you call a cute dish with a Mexican explorer on it?

A Dora bowl

Class is like a Dora The Explorer Episode

The teacher asks a question, stares blankly, then answers his own question

What would you call someone called Dora who used to be a flower?

Dora the exflora.

Pedro gets a New Secretary.

Pedro gets a New Secretary.
He faces a volley of rapid fire questions from his wife, who is always a bit suspicious of her husband's roving eye.

Dora (Pedro's wife): Does your new secretary have nice legs?"

Pedro: Didn't quite notice."

Dora: "What color are her eyes?"

Pedro: Haven't had the time to check."

Dora: "What are the nail polish colors she uses, metallic, gel or neon ?"

Pedro: Not a clue in the world."

Dora: "Does she wear matte, glossy or frosted lipstick?

Pedro: I barely spoke to her, so don't know.

Dora: "How does she dress?"

Pedro: "Very quickly

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