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Top 10 Funniest Doppelganger Jokes and Puns

My doppelganger has just walked in, and sat on the other end of the couch

I'm beside myself with shock

When my Doppelganger got on the train and sat right next to me, you can imaine how I felt ....

I was beside myself.

Mr. Smith found a doppelganger of his wife.

Mr smith to Air hostess - you look exactly like my wife.

*Air hostess feeling a bit agitated by that remark slapped him.

Mr. Smith - what sheer coincidence, even the habits match too.

Jesus had a twin that was abducted shortly after birth

In other words, there was doppelganger stranger danger in the manger.

What do you call a Billie Eilish doppelganger?

Billie Eil-ish

what did the mime name his kid?

mi doppelganger

Saw a Steve Jobs doppelganger on a Spirit airlines flight today

You could say that he was there, in Spirit.

Ann Rand died...

and went to heaven. While walking about she saw her doppelganger. Rushing over to Saint Peter, she exclaimed "I have a twin!"

"No," said Peter. "That's God. He just **thinks** he is Ann Rand."

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