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Old Lenny

Old Lenny lived far out in the western mountains of Maine. He had spent all of his 80 years living on the family homestead.

One morning, two land surveyors appeared at his doorstep. The first one spoke: "Now Lenny, we know you is a proud Mainer, but it seems you ain't in Maine at all. We jist finished surveyin' this whole township, and your house is actually on the New Hampshire side of the state line."

"Wicked decent," says old Lenny, "I'd had enough of them Maine winters anyhow."

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How do you get a Harvard graduate off your doorstep?

Tip him for the pizza.

Doorstep joke, How do you get a Harvard graduate off your doorstep?

How do you get a drummer off your doorstep?

You pay for the pizza.

If you're ever extremely lost, stay where you are and build a house instead of trying to find your way out...

Within a couple of days there should be a phonebook you didn't ask for at your doorstep, which will probably have a map in it.

If not, it makes good kindling.

The guys that taught me every medicine joke I know just arrived at my doorstep.

I decided to in-vitamin.

An advisor runs up to Trump and says "Sir, the people are revolting!",...

So Donald looks down from his 58th story office window at the protest on his doorstep. With his arms crossed in disgust he says:

"They sure are!"

Doorstep joke, An advisor runs up to Trump and says "Sir, the people are revolting!",...

When in doubt ...

Wife : I doubt my husband has been cheating on me.... I have doubt on one woman we both know.... What to do?

Shrink: Take your husband to that woman's doorstep and see if his wi-fi connects automatically.

What's the worst thing about winter for an illegal alien?

ICE on your doorstep.

What's worse than finding a baby at your doorstep?

Finding half a baby at the doorstep

One night, Mrs. McMillen answered the door to see her husbands bestfriend Paddy standing on the doorstep.....

"Hello Paddy, where is my husband? He went with you to the Guinness factory."

Paddy shook his head and said "Ah Mrs. McMillen, there was a terrible accident at the factory, your husband fell into a vat of Guinness and drown."

Mrs.McMillen starts crying. "Oh don't tell me that, did he at least go quickly?"

Paddy shakes his head no, then says "Not really, he got out 3 times to pee."

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There's a man on my doorstep delivering a replacement bathroom fixture right now.

Let that sink in.

A friend came to my doorstep claiming he'd robbed the pools supply cupboard.

He wanted somewhere to lilo.

What do you call a man with no arms and legs

Floating in a lake?

Sitting at your doorstep?

Two bombs lived in a house...

One day there was a package at their front doorstep, Bomb #1 said "I wonder what's in this package!" Bomb #2 said "C4 yourself to find out."

What is the name of a Jehovah's Witness's place of worship?

Your doorstep

Doorstep joke, What is the name of a Jehovah's Witness's place of worship?

This criminal invaded my house and turned my phone book upside down without me realising.

Instead of the cops there's some angry guy with a pitchfork on my doorstep.

My friend keeps leaving exotic birds on my doorstep...

Well toucan play at that game!

Fired the maid yesterday because wife suspected maid had been stealing her jewelry. Today I found a snake on our doorstep.

At least we got a diamondback.

I don't know who left this huge nugget on my doorstep, but ...

Thanks for the gold, stranger.

I left a present for my crush today, and she had me arrested!

When her cat does it, it's adorable, but apparently it's "creepy" when I leave a dead bird on her doorstep.

A man heard a knock at the door so he went to go answer.

When he saw a hooded figure with a scythe on his doorstep, he screamed.

The figure took off his hood apologizing. "I'm a priest, I have come to bless you to protect you from COVID-19! I just have to wear this because of quarantine, I'm not supposed to leave my house. This way no one comes to stop me."

The man was surprised, but let the priest into his house regardless. I mean how often do you find a blessing in disguise?

The other day a mysterious package appeared on my doorstep.

Upon further inspection, I realized it was a large bowl-shaped object with two knobs that controlled the outflow of a liquid. I stood on the doorstep and yelled to my wife to come and look. She told me she had ordered it for the bathroom.

Let that sink in.

How do you get an art major off your doorstep?

Pay for your pizza.

Gifted child!

My parents always said I was a gifted child. Turns out they meant someone left me on their doorstep in a box.

What do you call a guy with no arms and no legs lying on your doorstep?

An ambulance.

True Story: I found a note on my doorstep today.

Opening it, I was excited to see a riddle!

It read:
"What dog has legs
But cannot run.
A tail,
It cannot wag,
A mouth,
But cannot bark,
A nose,
But cannot smell?"

I love riddles. Before reading the answer, I sat down with my wife and we spent a while pondering the possible answers.

Eventually, curiosity overcame us. We turned over the note to see the answer.

It read:
"Your dog.
I'm really sorry.
I ran it over."

I hate riddles.

If you see a habanero on your doorstep, put a sweater on's a little chili outside

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