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What are some Dooms jokes?

Why did the German doomsday prepper order an appetizer?

He wanted to prepare for the wurst.

I watch doomsday films like there's no tomorrow.

I watch doomsday films like there's no tomorrow.

Let's dedicate a genre for doomsday


Doomsday device

A doomsday device that will send a nuke to every country on the planet has been developed.

They call it an abombanation.

A doomsday prepper told me that the world is going to end at a certain point

He is also a flat-earther.

Doomsday preppers

Just got renewed for four more seasons.

Did you hear about the doomsday prepper who thought the apocalypse had begun?

He fell asleep on a train and woke up in Detroit.

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