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The Devil burst through the floor of a church in Brooklyn

He starts roaring and shouting in everyone's face saying, "DOOMS DAY HAS COME AND ALL YOUR SOULS ARE NOW MINE!" And he begins to laugh maniacally.
Everybody runs out screaming in terror except for one old dude who is giving him the evil eye. So The Devils gets right in face and roars his loudest roar and screams at him, "WHY AREN'T YOU RUNNING!!! ARE YOU NOT AFRAID?"
The guy says, "Look buddy I've been married to your sister for 30 damn years, what makes you think I'd be afraid of you?"

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Doomsday preppers

Just got renewed for four more seasons.


Doomsday device

A doomsday device that will send a nuke to every country on the planet has been developed.

They call it an abombanation.


A doomsday prepper told me that the world is going to end at a certain point

He is also a flat-earther.


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