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Top 10 Funniest Doody Jokes and Puns

What do you call a cop standing on dog poo?

Officer on doody.

Did you hear about the janitor who suffocated in a row of turds?

He died in the line of doody.

A plumber is working on draining a septic tank when he falls in the poop and is drowned when the pipe sucks him under. At his funeral, the minister stands up and says:

We are gathered here today to remember our friend, the plumber, >!who was killed in the line of doody.!<

What is it called when a politician craps his pants in a Honda?

Civic doody.

What is it called when an officer poops his pants while chasing a perp?

Active doody.

What do you call it when a Soldier doesn't flush?

Dereliction of doody.

Although my son was only a plumber, we had a 21-gun salute at his funeral.

Because he was killed in the line of doody.

Why did the superhero flush the toilet?

It was his doody!

It's hard being immature in the military.

All these officers keep talking about my doody.

Another one a 7 year old appreciates: Why did the anti-terrorist soldier blow up the toilet?

He was just doing his doody!

(Don't yell at me, I got it from a 7 year old)

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