The Best 12 Dont Stop Jokes

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Top 10 Funniest Dont Stop Jokes and Puns

A police officer stops a driver...

A police officer stops a driver to give him a ticket. He looks at the guy's driver license and says, "This says here that you need to wear corrective lenses when you drive."

The guy replies, "I have contacts".

The cops says, "I dont care who you know you still need corrective lenses"

My friend showed me a black computer he wanted to buy...

I said "Dont you mean an African American computer?" and he replied "Stop being so PC"

what is the propeller used for on an airplane?

Many people dont know this, but is actually for air conditioning, if u ever get to see it, when the propeller stops the pilot suddenly starts sweating

Higgs Boson walks into a church during Sunday services...

...and the priest immediately stops preaching and says "We dont like your kind around here. You are not welcome in this church.". The whole church, already silent, waits anxiously when Higgs replies "Why not? You can't have mass without me!"


While Mark was shopping for pet supplies, one of the salespeople came running up to him.

"Mark! Mark! I just saw someone driving off with your BMW!"

"OH NO! Did you try to stop him?"

"No, but dont worry. I got the license plate number!"

How do you stop a Rhino from charging?

They're extinct now so you dont have to.

So an African pastor is heading to his church Sunday morning

So as he's walking through the jungle he hears growling. He turns around and sees a lion. He starts running and running until he gives up and gets on his knees and starts praying: God please dont let this lion eat me.

The pastor stops praying because he couldn't hear the lion anymore. He turns around and sees the lion on his knees praying. The pastor says hey lion I didnt know you prayed and the lion says im saying Grace

Dont Stop joke, So an African pastor is heading to his church Sunday morning

Dont stop! I dont usually get to see beauty in motion

Why arent koalas considered bears?

They dont have the Koalafications.

That is the joke my dad cant stop saying since he got back from Australia.

If people clap after landing in a plane...

Why dont people clap after reaching a bus stop?

I dont want weed to be legal

Cause everything stops being fun when its legal. I had a girlfriend that was undocumented and I dumped her the second she got her green card

The other kids always made fun of me for having my Dad wait for me at the bus stop

So I finally told him "Dad I'm 17 now, you dont need to wait with me anymore. Also how long have you not been wearing pants?"

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