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Waiter steps up, "Donner, Party of two."

"Uh, yeah it's just one now...and uh, I'm not hungry anymore."

The Donner Party Diet

Breakfast: Jacks

Lunch: Franks

Dinner: Patties

Santa's reindeer had an issue with their dinner reservation.

The restaurant simply refused to seat the Donner party.

Donner, party of 5?

Er, 4? Umm, 3?...

"Donner, party of 3!" yelled the waitress.

"Wow took you long enough! We're down to 2 now!"

Donner Party.

Here's a rare original joke

At work I was talking with a client who brought up the Donner Party and asked if i knew who the were. I replied that yes, I did. They were the group snowbound in the mountains in the 1800s and turned to cannabalism.
I added that they were supposedly humbled by their experience but I always thought they were full of themselves.
Client laughed.

What kind of party did the Donners have?

A meat and greet.

What do you call a cannibalistic dinner party?

The Donner Party

The difference between 'Dinner Party' and 'Donner Party?

The meaning of 'Who is being served now?'

I'm going to create a political institution based on eliminating vaccines. I'll call it...

The Donner Party

All of Santa's reindeer celebrate their birthdays except one...

Santa decided that the Donner Party was not to be repeated.

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There was not a lot known personally about the survivors of the Donner party, as they shunned human contact after the ordeal.

Apparently, they were fed up with people.

We're waiting for a table at a restaurant...

The hostess call out, "Donner family of 8, your table is ready." She looks back at the book. "Correction, Donner party of 7"

I took the road less traveled...

and ended up in the Donner Party.

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